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The Future of Christianity: It Will Be Subterrainean

Posted by heyrandy on October 18, 2008

It is certain that American Christianity will be driven under ground. This is a serious statement made by one who expects to experience this. American Christianity is under attack from its traditional opponents, other religions, and from an increasing secularism. These forces not only believe Christianity to be false but believe it to be baneful. It is the this secularism that is using the new ideas of political correctness to wage war against the last group that can be defamed with impunity.

It is important to understand the strength of the enemy.  Secularism controls the government at every level and so controls the legal system, the educational system, the transportation system, the communication system, and all of the always increasing the security system. It controls the media through licensing the television and radio stations. It even controls the Internet.

Secularism controls the legislature, and it routinely passes more laws to increase its own power. Its funding is virtually unlimited through taxation of everything and everyone.  When it does not tax to raise money it uses the printing presses that manufacture endless supplies of fiat, paper money. It also has almost unlimited borrowing power. It never has any month left over at the end of money.

It further controls people through employment. Government at all levels employs millions of people. These people will be very reluctant to fight against their paychecks. They are capable of being coerced in spying.  They will do the government’s bidding.  Law enforcement is the sole province of the government.  They have the power of the badge, which is the gun.

The rise of hate speech laws (already in full flower in Europe and Canada) will soon be used to muzzle those whose message is the ever politically unapproved “Jesus is Lord”. Hate speech laws will be used to silence churches and pastors who speak out on moral issues. One man’s righteous preaching is another man’s hate speech. The unpopular statements of those brave enough to speak out will be squelched by the speech law enforcers. Public discourse will be nil. Even private conversations will be subject to the same rules. Censorship will be the normal routine. It is one thing to speak and have the crowd disapprove, but when the government has the legal authority to act against you with fines and imprisonment it is quite chilling.

We see the brake on free speech in the so called “free speech zones” that are set up to control the crowds. These zones are absurd. This entire country is a free speech zone. The government has no right to limit free speech on public property. In fact, the last time I looked at the U.S. Constitution the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly was still there. But since the Constitution has been defined as a “living, breathing document” that changes itself to meet the times, the courts may render this idea void.   Who gave judges the right to do this?  Is right in the Constitution?

The judges took this right to themselves by themselves. This is simply theft. It is an arrogant usurpation of power the judges do not rightfully have. This arrogation gives the courts unlimited authority over everyone. It gives the totalitarians who run the government the legal cover for their tyranny.

The fairness doctrine imposed on the broadcast media is another choke hold on free speech of Christians. This evil doctrine will be applied to everyone, but Christians can expect to be the targets of the bureaucratic enforcers. It is always the case that precedent is set by first attacking an easy target. Since most Christian radio and television stations do not have huge legal budgets with which to battle the government, it is almost certain that these stations will be among the first targets of “fairness” enforcement.

Tax exemption status most churches have is a weakness in disguise. Most churches think that tax exemption is essential to their survival. Most churches do not have a lot of money, so this helps keeps them going. Tax exempt status is a state issued license to exist. The state in granting this privilege now has a method of control over the organization. If the state does not like what the church is saying, the tax authorities can revoke the tax exempt status. The state can also bring criminal charges against the organization for misusing its tax exemption and demand payment of taxes for the period in dispute. Churches taking this state granted largess have really waived their Constitutional rights of immunity to government control.

How will the churches react? It is always difficult to predict specific future events, but it is most likely that there will be a separation of those who really believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ from those who merely give an outward appearance of believing. This has been the case in the past, and there is no reason to believe that this patten will not prevail in the future. Christianity began meeting in peoples homes and may once again do so. This is the case with the unregistered churches in China.

There is a growing movement in this country to become unregistered.  Right now it is confined to a small group of fundamentalist Baptists , but the movement is likely to spread.  When the crackdown starts the movement will spread.  This has lots of implications for existing churches and their allied organizations.  It is time to start thinking things through.  Preparation is the key to survival.

There is hope. Our hope does not come from government, the source of our problem; it comes from the God of heaven and earth. Governments have always tried to silence or control the church. Their success has not been so good. The true church will survive, even thrive. The government can only control the false church. So be it. The false church deserves what it gets. The government may very well be God’s appointed method of judgment upon the false church.

That Christianity, true Christianity, will be driven underground is no problem. I just have to find my shovel.

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