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Tea: Stirred not Shaken

Posted by heyrandy on April 15, 2010

I am a coffee drinker, but I went to a tea party. Actually, it was a Tea Party. They did not serve tea. They served rhetoric. Normally I avoid political events, but when I heard of the local Tea Party, I decided to go.

There were possibly 1000  people there. It was held in a small park behind the local federal building, along the river. Apparently the police like tea: there were at least 12 by my count. I overheard someone say he counted 15. There were four on horseback, two at each end of the park. The horses made their presence known. I am sure the police will remove and preserve this evidence of littering. This will probably be done by those plain clothes officers who were in the crowd.

Many people carried signs and wore shirts with political messages, mostly along the lines of the government is bad. I didn’t argue.

There were tables set up with people selling various politically themed items. One guy was there giving away DVD’s. One of the DVD’s was titled Are You NIV Positive. I did talk to him, but I got the impression he is a The-King-James-Version-Is-The-Only-One-To-Use believer. I do not understand this. If someone who does would like to explain it to me, please do.

The Tea Party movement is a new phenomenon. It started when the Bush regime gave the stupid bankers 700 billion dollars in bailout money. The public was very opposed to the bailout (and still is), but this didn’t stop Congress. Not much stops Congress. The bailout failed in its first try through the House, but then the goodies were passed out. In politics there is almost nothing and no one that money can’t buy.

I just finished read Philip Berrigan’s book Widen the Prison Gates. It gives some details of his prison time for various crimes he  committed when he and his brother Daniel were leaders of the Vietnam War protest “Movement”. When I finished the book, I wondered what happened to the Movement. I also wondered why, with two wars raging with no realistic end in sight, we don’t have a Movement of some kind. I hope we have not degenerated to the point that we only protest wrong when money is involved. The Tea Party meeting began with a short appreciation for the military. This is obviously not 1965.

Although I am not a member (where does one go to join; indeed, can one join?), I have a general affinity for much of what the Party is saying. I think that the movement is a good one. It is evidence of people beginning to understand how bad the country is. Given the slander and vituperation Tea Party has suffered from its critics, it is evidence that others are beginning to wake up to what the Tea Party means.

I had a good experience at the meeting. What the future holds is difficult to tell because I can not read tea leaves well since I am a coffee drinker.

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