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The Taxpayers Have too Much Money

Posted by heyrandy on June 3, 2009

It is the case that various states in America are broke.  Mine, New York, is too.  We should write our elected officials and protest.  How can my state be broke?  I don’t understand this.  The state gets most of its money by taxing.  It does, however, get some through more direct methods of theft: confiscation of unclaimed bottle refunds and unused gift cards.  How come there is never enough? Did we run out of taxpayers?  Or gift cards?

We may have run out of bottle refunds to steal.  The state recently extended the bottle deposit requirements to many other types of containers. This will enable the state to steal even more.  It won’t reduce taxes.  That is impossible.

It is entirely the fault of the taxpayers!  If these people were not so parsimonious, the state would not have this problem.  How can people be so cheap? Don’t they know that without a generous tax levy the state cannot supply those state defined vital services we don’t need or want but could get elsewhere for a lot less if we did?

This deplorable state of affairs cannot continue.  Something must be done!  But what?  Surely you cannot expect the state to retrench.  That is intolerable.  The employment situation is terrible now.  What would it be if the state (perish the thought) were to reduce the number of state employees?  Bureaucratic jobs are not arboreal fruit, you know.

Just think of the poor elected official who must face his constituency with the news that there will be fewer patronage jobs in the district.  You can’t expect incumbents to get re-elected on that platform!  Have you no respect for the office?

I suggest to all my readers that they immediately contact their elected person and demand a large, a very large, a really really very very large, tax increase on those stingy taxpayers.  Halfway measures will not do.  If we are to finance the state and end unemployment, nothing less than a giant tax increase will do.

How big?  Anything under 99 and 44 one-hundredths per cent is pure nonsense.  Most people would not even understand the necessity of such an increase, but the Enlightened Ones do.  They understand that the schools are not cheap to run.  It takes big bucks to turn the consistently poor product.  If there is to be a well maintained standard of mediocrity, there must be funds to pay for it.  It is well known that you can’t buy something overpriced unless you pay too much.  In government run education paying too much is not enough.

This tax increase would also pay for the future borrowing the state needs.  Unless we keeping paying interest on the loans we will never repay, we will not be able to borrow more.  Then how would we be able to spend all that tax money?

If something is not quickly done, the state will be forced into the printing business.  The federal government can print all the money it needs, but this method of finance is not allow to the states.  The feds hate competition.  But they are getting some.  The state of California has issued promissory notes to some state employees in lieu of the federally issued notes promising to pay in more of the notes that promise to pay.  I don’t know how California is getting away with this, but New York may follow.

Taxpayers of the world unite!  It will make collection easier.

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