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Of Course It Doesn’t Mean Anything

Posted by heyrandy on November 2, 2009

It is time to analyze the political slogans that have come to my attention. Since no cared enough to bring any slogans to my attention, the burden falls upon me to provide all the material. I am aided in this task by the vacuousness of the typical candidate’s mind. Still, this being an off year, the picking, like the candidates, are pathetic.

One lady, running for county legislature, in her latest mailing to sully our mail box, compares herself to some “political boss” of whom I have never heard. She claims that the said boss had never proposed a job creation program. She says that she supports such (undefined) program. I guess that she, having never before held elected office, never proposing any such program is not germane to the election.

The same candidate’s mailing states that she believes in strong community relationships. I am not sure what these are, but I suspect that these relationships are a good thing. If she is elected, I will look forward to having one–I think.

There it is. It is now up to you. Go vote, or not, and hope for the best. Something is sure to happen sometime.

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