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Running a Con

Posted by heyrandy on April 4, 2008

It is political season. This means all the political tribes are out doing what we must endure: campaigning. In all this trite and predictable affair there are occasional moments of mirth. I don’t mean those unforgivable gaffs when a politician actually speaks the truth. No, I mean those times when a candidate gets caught in a lie.

New York’s own beloved junior senator, Miss Hillary, recently bestowed upon us such a moment when she related how she was under sniper fire during a trip to Kosovo while she was First Lady. This was said to bolster her claim to having more experience than her rival, Senator Barack Obama. While it didn’t add to her bona fides, it did add to her embarrassment when she was forced to recant when video of her landing at the airport showed her and her daughter casually walking from the plane and pausing for photographs by news reporters. No gun shots were in evidence.

This is a real problem with inexperienced con artists who are not well acquainted with the first rule of running a con: never tell an unnecessary lie. Hillary failed here. If her statements were true, they added nothing to her experience. If her statements were false, as they were proven to be, it is all risk for no gain.

This lie by Senator Clinton is all the more stupid because she should know that there is video tape of every minute of her adult life. Her statements about her experience are too easy to check for her to get away with an obvious lie. This is a violation of the second rule of running a successful con: never tell a lie that can be easily checked. It is amazing that someone who is supposed to be so smart does things that are so stupid.

To prevent further embarrassment, I recommend that all considering running for public office read Genesis chapter 3. It is the story of the successful temptation by the devil of Adam and Eve. Here the devil, whom Jesus called the “father of the lie”, shows how it is done. In the whole conversation there is only told one lie.

This is how to do it. So get with it, you scoundrels. The public deserves better than to see you lie about how you “misspoke”. There is no chance we will ever believe that you were merely mistaken and not trying to make things to look better for you than the truth. We know you are lying. This is the third rule of running a successful con: never tell a lie we will know to be a lie even if we can prove it. If it isn’t believable, shut up!

You have a grand family heritage to uphold. You great grand father began it in the garden of Eden and has continued his lying ever since. If you are going to run a con, at least get the basics right. You are children of the devil. You act like children of the devil.

Because if the Devil disowns you, we may have to take you.

Or you could simply tell the truth. Don’t embellish anything. Don’t make up anything. And don’t spin anything to your advantage. This will surprise and confuse people, but they may eventually come around to believing you and respect you. You might even get some votes from non-family members.

People are disgusted with the typical political candidates. People are willing to listen to what you have to say if they perceive you to be honest. Look at the minority party candidates. They can tell voters exactly what they stand for. These candidates are never elected.

Candidates like these will never be elected unless the system is changed. The system will not change until people running for office start to tell the truth and stop pandering to the voter’s base interests. It take some one. It takes you.

If you fail? So what? Are you that important? Will the world end if you don’t lie you way into office? Consider Jesus. From an earthly perspective He was a failure. Yet He now rests at the right hand of God. All power in heaven and earth has been given to Him. He will come to judge the world. This is something you will never be elected to. He told the truth.

This all comes to motives. What are you trying to accomplish? Jesus pleased God. You can do no less. So repent and start telling the truth.

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