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Predictable to the Last Shot

Posted by heyrandy on October 17, 2017

Castigo Cay, Matt Braken, 2017

What’s a ex-Marine sniper to do? College did not work out because you had to drop out in exchange for the professor’s not pressing charges against you for slugging him to repel his advance. Next you go  to work for your uncle who is rebuilding a boat. You get the boat when he dies from falling off the scaffolding. Then you cruise the Caribbean.

Along the way you pick up a German-Argentinian doctor and a Vietnamese cook. To meet expenses you pull a con on a deserving mark. With the boat you look like you belong in the mark’s social set. The Venezuelan hottie on your arm adds to the image.

The hottie wants to go to Miami to get into the television news business. You can’t go because the IRS will seize the boat because of all the back taxes you owe. The hottie jumps ship to a billionaire’s yacht.

The hottie needs rescuing. It is a matter of honor. You promised her father that you would take care of her.  The rescue involves gold, a fast boat, and locals who owe you. This is not much against a nefarious billionaire who owns a U.S. senator, but it succeeds.

This book is guy lit. But it is also a social commentary. America–at least south Florida–has become a police state with local variations. There is contrast between Dade and Broward counties. Broward has little police protection, Dade too much. The world’s economy  is a mess. Inflation has caused prices to rise. But the black market is working. Two off the books hair cuts were $500. Cell phones cannot be bought in stores with cash, but if you know where to go….

The action ends as it should: with a gun shot. And the senator has a new owner. The boat is getting a real paint job on her hull. There may even be a new hottie. This one’s Dutch.


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