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Posted by heyrandy on February 25, 2008

Free speech is dead. It died by strangulation. The politically correct zealots are the garroters. Let all now pause for a moment of silence. A very long moment. In fact, one should just be quiet; it is a lot safer. It would be wise to stay indoors, with the shades drawn and the lights off. Don’t answer the door. (If it is the cops, they will just break it down.) Discretion is the key to survival. Avoid all college campuses.

The king is dead: long live the king. What king? This is always the question: What takes its place of the old? Who anoints the new king? The people who killed the old king. Who is the new king? The accepted truth, dissent not allowed under penalty of slander, unemployment, ostracism or worse. Much worse, but not yet. You want to be king? Kill the king. Then kill all contenders. And contender want to bes. People respect firmness. Show them. You will, or should have.

It follows the established pattern: get power, suppress dissent, cow opponents, destroy rivals. The constitution only applies as those in power want it to apply. You are not in power. You may believe in freedom. Too bad for you. Next time believe in power. Then your speech will be free. What of your opponents? Let them get their own power, if they can pry it out of your cold dead fingers. They will try. It is how you got it from he who got it that way. It is a tradition. Absolute power is best. It eliminates the ambiguity of partial venality. Don’t go half way: it gives your enemies an opening. Emulate Cain, eliminate them.

You may have paid for the microphone, but you cannot plug it in here. This is not the free speech zone. It is over there, way over there. Down the street and around the corner, inside the fence, out of sight, away from the crowd. It is for your own safety; you can not hurt anyone here. Remove your shoes so we can search them. We are keeping our eye on you, for your safety. Trust us. We are from the government. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. We know best what is good for you.  The proper procedures will be followed. The effect does not matter as long as the papers are filed.

To be safe you must tolerate a tiny loss of freedom. Not much. Just a little, and a little more each time. It is only a little. You must be safe in a free country. We are just doing our job. Your papers, please. Please step over here, out of sight.  And out of mind of those who actually could help you. Just prove your innocence and you are free to go after we process the paperwork. I will get to it soon; I have a lot of work to do. I will get to yours right after I come back from break, tomorrow.  Just be patient.  We have procedures to follow, you know. You will. Especially if you make trouble.  I am authorized to use usually non-lethal force.

We are many. We out number you. Resistance is futile.  My job is guaranteed.  Pay your taxes.

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Don’t like government schools? Too bad

Posted by heyrandy on February 9, 2008

Does your local government run (“public”) school not meet you approval? No? You can go down to the school office and complain. They will give you a tax refund because their service is so bad, and you are so dissatisfied. You know, just like so many other businesses do when confronted with irate customers. You can even take your business elsewhere; there are so many choices.

Ok, time to get real. It is generally agreed that what is misnamed public education is really doing a bad job. But what kind of bad job? Kids who can’t read, can’t spell, or can’t add kind of bad job. I have forgotten how close to the bottom in worldwide rating the US schools are ranked. It doesn’t matter. All that matters to most parents and students is the school they are stuck with. If they don’t like the school they are forced to use, too bad for them.

There is no incentive for schools to change. Ask not “Why don’t they change?” Ask instead “What happens if they don’t change?” Answer: they get more money from the taxpayers. What politician is willing to cut funding from the schools because the schools are doing a poor job? Politicians are not only loathe to cut school funding, they positively trumpet the increases that they get for the schools in their districts. You don’t get reelected by opposing the schools. School change? “Sure, we just need more money to do a better job. Just look at the improvements we made the last time we got more money”, say the schools. Well actually, the schools never say they have justified the increases they received by pointing out improvements in student performance; there is usually little improvement, but there is always more money given to them.

Public school are a government protected monopoly. As with all other monopolies, the quality is poor and the price is high. What is the expendure per student in your district? About what it costs to send someone to a private college? When has the cost gone anywhere but up?

The ever increasing costs of operating the government schools has a hidden benefit for those schools:  it reduces competition.  The tax burden placed on the average family to support government schools goes along way to prevent families from being able to afford an alternative education for their children.  It is hard to pay both taxes to the schools and tuition at a non-government school.
It will be difficult to raise the quality in public schools. Even if there is genuine motivation to do so, the system has been in failure mode for so long that now the leaders of the system are the products of the system: the teachers have been dumbed down.

But why don’t parents want change? Because behind all the noise made about improvement, the fact is that the schools are just about what the average parent wants. They too are products of the system. The system does not encourage dissident thinking. Budget cutting is dissident thinking of the worst sort. A local school budget meeting erupted into actual violence when the idea was broached that extracurricular sports programs be cut back (not eliminated). It shows some of what the reformers face when such a modest proposal is violently suppressed.  Johnny can’t read so well, but just look at his hook shot!

In my own districts both people running for the two open seats on the local school board said nothing about the taxpayers when they gave their reasons for wanting to be elected. I guess our job is to shut up, pay and be grateful that it doesn’t cost us even more. (Just wait, it will.) It is this guaranteed source of endless money that really thwarts reforms. Why change when it does not cost you but rewards you to stay as you are?

The only real chance of change is the home school movement. If enough people withdraw their children from the government thought factories, the system will be betrayed as the expensive fraud that it really is. While the home school movement will continue to grow, it will be a long time before it reaches the critical size to threaten the Monopoly. Home schooling will also have to withstand a legal challenge mounted by its enemies and their unlimited, taxpayer funded legal budget.

So things go on as they have been for a long time: the students do poorly; the schools want more money;  the taxpayers give it.  It’s great work if you can get it.  A lot of people get it.  That is why it never changes.

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