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The Holy D9

Posted by heyrandy on November 8, 2014

Goliath Max Blumenthal, 2013

Blumenthal has given us a very clear account of the state of affairs in Israel. The Holy Land is full of very unholy people. The Israelis have become what they hate. The victims of the holocaust have now become the new persecutors. The Israeli government is now conducting the new holocaust. The victims are anyone who is not a persecutor.

The state of Israel has become a racist, murdering machine. And it is all legal. The process is an old one. The Palestinians are the primary target of this tyranny. The government seeks to purge the land of them. Routinely denounced in the Knesset, the Jews regard the Palestinians as vermin, worthy only of destruction. The Knesset accomplishes this by passing anti-Palestinian laws.

Blumenthal says that the new symbol of Israel is the Caterpillar D9 bulldozer. The Israeli government uses the machines, with added armor plating, to clear land of Palestinian homes. This allow the building of Jews-only settlements (or Jews-only roadways connecting those settlements.) The Palestinians have no say. Any resistance meets brutal force. Such is life in a total police state. Palestinians are often murdered by Israeli security forces. Justice for the victims? Never. They don’t count.

Blumenthal interviews a lot of people from all viewpoints. The only Israelis who are not total bigots are the very tiny dissenting groups. They are all pariahs, hated as much as the Palestinians. The favorite retort is “Holocaust denier.” This epithet has been applied to Holocaust survivors who object to the government policies.

Israel is now filled with recent immigrants from eastern Europe. These Jews, mostly Russian, view Palestine as their land which the Palestinians stole from them. The government encourages this thinking. This keeps the common people deluded. As long as the government panders to the populace, the populace will keep the government in power. Power is what it is about. This is why the book’s subtitle, Fear and Loathing in Greater Israel, is so correct.

The greatest power in Israel is the Israeli Defense Force. The IDF is the Church. It is worshiped. Woe to those who refuse military service. Woe to those who expose IDF wrongdoing. Woe to those who criticize “the only thing that prevents the Palestinians from murdering us in our beds.” It is that bad. The common attitude is that the Army is always right. It is impossible for them to lie. Blumenthal and a group of dissenters discovered how entrenched this attitude is. When dissent groups challenged the official story of the Israeli commando raid on the aid ship Mavi Marmara, the IDF retracted several official statements about the raid. The few news organizations within in Israel that ran the retraction story buried in the back pages. The television news did not mention the retraction.

Israelis do not just hate the Palestinians. They hate each other. The society is stratified. At the top are the Ashkenazi élite. Below them are the recent European immigrants. At the bottom are the African Jews. The only things lower are the detested Palestinians and the Sudanese refugees. Which of those two groups are hated more is determined by who is asked.

The big mistake Blumenthal repeats throughout the book is to equate democracy with freedom. Israel is a democracy. It elects its representatives to the Knesset to pass laws that hurt the Palestinians.

The book is very well worth reading. It will give you a perspective that you will not hear on the Israeli, or American, news.


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