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The Technology Made Me Do It

Posted by heyrandy on August 6, 2012

People walked down my street today. It was early evening. The sun was setting and the weather pleasant. It was a good time for a walk. A man and a woman came by together. They were pushing baby strollers. Family time. Taking a walk with the young ones.

What made this unusual was the woman was looking down at her smart phone while walking. I suspect an urgent text had come in. Or perhaps a tweet was going out: “wlk w hub and kids.” For knowing this vital message, the world is forever changed. I was mowing the grass at that time, so it was hard to tell. I am┬ácareful when I mow. Detaching body part will not make me look better.

I normally don’t care what people do when they walk. If someone texts while he walk and walks into a telephone pole because he did not see it, too bad. It is his fault even if the pole was in the wrong place. Since these people were walking in the street there was the matter of vehicle traffic. And cars are more mobile than poles. Blame the technology.

So don’t push a baby stroller and text unless it is really important–like when you just have to tweet how good that latte is.


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