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I Saw It

Posted by heyrandy on July 26, 2012

Yesterday morning at work we had a communications meeting. Usually these things are a lot of dull graphs showing the trends of things most of us do not care about nor could influence if we did. Still, it is time in an air-conditioned conference room with comfortable chairs.

Today was a little different. We had a video before we saw the charts and graphs. It was only a few minutes long, but it was packed with the banal. The video was a pitch for someone’s success-you-can-obtain books. We were all trapped. The video began with a computer-generated image of a human head with the brain visible. The image was on the screen when we all entered the room. There were the usual jokes about this being “your brain while working here.” Once the meeting began the image began to rotate around the spinal axis. You can do this when there is no neck. I would liked it better if the image rotated around its nose. The message of the video was “your brain is your most valuable ¬†tool, so be positive.” Now you know as much as I do, but you escaped the meeting.

There was no voice to the video, just text and music. The text was in sentence fragments. I guess this builds suspense. It built tedium. The video was not well received: there was total silence when it ended. This is good, since it made the meeting shorter (we were getting close to pre-lunch slowdown.)

The only thing I found interesting in the video was its claim that both baseball pitcher and batters do better if they have a positive attitude. Team A’s pitchers with great attitudes verses Team B’s batters with great attitudes must mean that both groups do better. And opposing gears can turn in the same direction. I am sure the books explain this antimony.

I do not know if this video was the boss’s idea or if he was merely obeying the You Will Show This edict. Whatever the reason, the video did not improve the charts and graphs. I’m positive!

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