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Posted by heyrandy on July 8, 2013

Beyond Belief, Jenna Miscavige Hill, 2013

Jenna Hill gives us the inside view of a very unusual religion. Scientology is quite the rage among the Hollywood set. Tom Cruise, Kirsty Ally, and Pricilla Pressly are a few of its more famous adherents. These celebrities are only one side of Scientology. Hill gives the perspective of a third generation Scientologist. Not only is Hill a third generation Scientologist, she is niece to the current leader of Scientology, David Miscavige.

Hill’s account of upbringing in the church is a tale of mistreatment, misrepresentation, and tyranny. The system she reveals is one of total control over those within its ranks. Hill’s parents were on the staff of Scientology, so Hill attended the church’s boarding school, “The Ranch.” It was a place of extreme regimentation, unforgiving discipline, and constant spying.

Hill tells us that she seldom saw her parents. This is not unusual. The church routinely posts children’s parents to locations far from their children. The church often posts spouses apart from each other. The church denies it, but the church is very anti-family.

The church is also rich. Scientology is not free. It is not even low cost. Hill never had to pay for her Scientology training because she was the child of staff workers and also held a job with the church. But “public Scientologists, those who do not work for the church, pay plenty. Hill mentions courses that cost $4000-$6000 each. There are endless courses. There is always another step to take and pay for.

Hill’s parents left the church even though they held high ranking positions.This was a major embarrassment for the church. Her parents wanted to take Jenna with them, but she refused to go. She wanted to stay in the church.

The end of Hill’s love for the Church began when the gave her the run-a-round about her wanting to marry. She began to see through the lies. She finally married her husband, Dallas, in a Scientology ceremony. Her family could not attend because of the Church’s sanctions against them. She says it was not much of a ceremony.

After her marriage she and her husband were sent to Australia on an “impossible mission.” They were to raise money to buy choice property in Canberra to erect a Scientology center there. Since there were only a few Scientologists in Canberra, it was an arduous task. They did manage to raise some money before they came home. Hill thinks the real reason they were sent off was to preclude any embarrassment to the Church that might arise from her parents. Nothing in Scientology is straight forward.

When Hill announced she was leaving, she almost left without her husband. He was so enmeshed in the Church’s teachings that he could no let go. She was not about to let the Church win, so stayed a while to persuade her husband to go. It was actually the Church’s arrogance that changed his mind.

The Church wanted protect itself from Hill, and asked her to sign a confidentiality agreement. Hill tore up the paper in front of the woman who presented it to Hill. Hill had already signed a “billion year contract” when she was a child. She was not signing any more papers.

The book exposes Scientology for what it is: an avaricious, tyrannical fraud. For those interested in Scientology, start here. There is a lot more to this religion than smiling celebrities.

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