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A Monument to the Memory Hole

Posted by heyrandy on October 24, 2009

There is to be build in New York City a monument to memorialize the tragedy of September 11, 2001. The monument will be built on the site of the fallen twin tower buildings. There will be other monuments built at the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania. The monument in New York will be of special interest. It will memorialize the Memory Hole.

The phrase Memory Hole comes from George Orwell’s book 1984. The Memory Hole is where the government sends history it finds inconvenient, forgotten forever.

The most curious and least explained event of September 11, 2001 is the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. It is also the most forgotten. The Memory Hole is effective.

What is curious about WTC7 is that it collapsed and that it collapsed so neatly. The collapse was so neat that CBS News anchorman Dan Rather said its collapse was like a controlled demolition of an old building. Dan said this only once. That idea also went into the Memory Hole. So did Dan.

It is also curious that the BBC reported the collapse of the building well before the building actually collapsed. This tidbit of news is also in the Memory Hole.

When theĀ  memorial monument is unveiled, look for what is not there. It will be surprising if there is any mention of Building 7, because once something goes into the Memory Hole, it never comes out.

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Win Anyway

Posted by heyrandy on October 21, 2009

There is a great deal of uncertainty in the air. It is a form of pollution that is ever present. You cannot change the fact of its presence. You can, however, mitigate its effect. It is easy to say “Nothing can be done.”, but something can be done. It is just a matter of doing it.

What can be done? No list of to do’s will be complete. No collection of tasks can be anything but a start. Here are some that can be started immediately.

Turn off the television, or reduce you time in front of the tube to a few hours a week. This thing is a giant, time-wasting intellectual sludge pit.

Stop, or reduce, video game playing. It is a lot like television.

Get a library card and use it. This is the only way to break free of the government’s near monopoly on your intellectual input. Read some authors that posit a view that you do not like. This will sharpen your mental tools.

Get your news from sources other than the mainstream media. These groups have largely become shills for the government, especially since we how have a new, politically correct president in power.

Lose the weight and get in shape. You may need to be able to do a lot more manual working than you have been used to.

Open a secondary bank account at a bank not connected to the one you now use. With the number of recent bank failures, likely to continue if not increase, it is wise not to put all of your money in just one bank. Yes, there is FDIC coverage, but by the time all the paperwork is done, it could be a long time before you have access to your funds. Meanwhile, the bills keep on coming.

Look back through your life and find all the things that your enemies would use against you. Fix them.

Reconcile with all you have offended and offended you. Forgive them and ask them to forgive you. Move on with your life. Give up the grudge; it is poisoning you.

Get out of debt. Go here for help.

Pay off all old traffic tickets, child support, alimony, taxes, fines, etc. This is a prison sentence waiting to happen. Think of the next job application you fill out: Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Prison aside, you don’t win here.

Improve your manners. The culture is becoming more coarse and vulgar. You will needlessly offend people with bad manners. Good manners, like neatness, only count when you don’t have them. The power elite are impeccably polite, at least in public. Emulate them.

Improve your English. Communications are fundamental to everything. All human contest can be reduced to a battle of and for information.

Stop the whining, self-pity, sour attitude. You don’t like to be around people like this, so why be what you don’t like?

Extend this list.

With list as a start, you can be doing much to prepare yourself for the trouble that lies ahead. If the trouble does not come, you still win.

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Full Fraud Schools

Posted by heyrandy on October 17, 2009

Most of us think that the colleges we attended and in some cases from which we graduated are scrupulous in their grading and academic standards. Walter Williams has just published a revealing article about academic dishonesty. He names the names, the big names.

This is the quiet scandal. It is not just the students that are doing the cheating. It is the schools themselves that are lying. I have known that the academic system is largely corrupt. Until reading Williams I thought the putrefaction was confined to the politically correct forces that now dominate the remains of higher (sic) education, but Williams reveals that the problem is system wide.

Read it http://economics.gmu.edu/wew/articles/09/AcademicDishonesty.htm.

No, you don’t get academic credit for this reading, but you will be rewarded for knowledge.

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Two Minutes to Go

Posted by heyrandy on October 14, 2009

I read a book about being organized. It offered the usual advice and a few odd ideas like get rid of hanging files. One thing I did find to be of use was the Two Minute Rule. This rule means that if it only takes two minutes to do a task, do it right then. This is not going to turn most people into super efficient producers, but it will help with getting done those little jobs that are more aggravation than they seem because we let them pile up.

I have been trying to do the two minute jobs as they occur. It does help. I know this when I violate the rule.

Try the Two Minute Rule, and tell me what you think about it.

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I Do Not Work for the Government

Posted by heyrandy on October 3, 2009

Once upon a time, the only contact that most Americans had with the Federal Government was when they used the Post Office. I hope it was a pleasant experience. Mine was not.

I needed to mail a letter, but I did not have a stamp. So I went to the Post Office to buy one. The Post Office was closed. I suspected that it might be, but I knew that main office has an after hours self-serve facility. Since I only need a stamp, I thought that this would be an easy operation. I was wrong.

I got into the building without any trouble. The counters were closed, but the self-serve machines were available. In fact several people were using them. I waited. The people using the machines seem a little unsure about how they worked. It was taking some time to get my stamp. I waited some more.

As I waited I saw that the machines had a sign on them that said that they took only credit and debit cards. I looked for a place to put in money. I found none. I left without my stamp.I was not going to put the purchase of a single stamp on my credit card.

I do not think that there is a postal function much simpler than buying a stamp. How could it be so difficult? Is not the idea of a self-serve system to be easy to use? Is buying a single stamp not understood by the postal authorities?

I can not believe that a private system would be this silly and difficult to use. That is because I do not work for the government.

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