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Mystery in the Desert

Posted by heyrandy on March 20, 2012

Conspiracy Theories, Area 51, Jesse Ventura

Area 51 of Nellis Air Force Base has always been a favorite of conspiracy speculators. Theories range from anti-gravity aircraft to wreckage of space-alien ships. Ventura decides to step into this mess. The results are dull.

Ventura is host of Conspiracy Theories on Tru-TV. He has done segments on all the major theories. I saw the one he did on the FEMA camps. He discomforted several bureaucrats and one congressman. Not bad for a day’s work.

Jesse said that if you are doing shows about conspiracy theories, you cannot ignore Area 51. He is right. If he did not cover this issue, the theorists would howl “Conspiracy.”

Sadly, the results are not worth the effort his team put into the show. The show revealed nothing new, but some people pretended to be important. There were lots of theatrical tricks employed to give the matter a patina of importance. It was more like rust.

They interviewed one man where he could not be overheard: in the flight path of Los Angles airport. He gave an on-camera interview and answered questions in between the landing of jet aircraft. Although the interviewee did not say too much of importance, the camera man did get some nice shots of the bottom of several commercial jetliners. Security has its benefits.

Jesse tells us that “June [one of his researchers] is taking a big risk meeting this guy alone.” Alone being defined as being with at a least the camera man and the sound guy. The tension built as June cautiously approaches the (unmarked!) van where the interview is to take place. The desert location added to the suspense. The man stated that there were space-alien remains in Area 51, along with up to six alien space craft. The authorities are trying to retro-engineer the craft.

There were also the usual shots of a Ventura-led meeting where he sends his staff off to come back. This was not bad enough to be good. I hate low-grade camp.

Jesse is not one to sit and let others take all the risks. He fired up the Harley and drove into Las Vegas without a helmet! Thankfully he did not crash the bike. It would be used later when he and a local Area 51 investigator tried to get on the base. They drove out near the base and walked toward the perimeter. Base security personnel arrived. They drove out to the perimeter of the base, parking their truck on a small rise, to observe the two men. There are a lot of electronic sensors to alert the guards of approaching pedestrians. There are lots of signs warning against trespassing. The Air Force enforces those warnings. Instead of proceeding on base property, Jesse decides that it is not worth it. “We would still have to cross 20 miles of free fire zone before we got to Area 51.” The distance is probably right: Nellis is huge. Walking that distance in the Nevada desert is foolish. The cameraman probably would not make it. The local man had told Ventura that they would be almost immediately stopped. But now we have it on video.

Ventura interviewed a local reporter who made the most sense. The reporter pointed out that the recent mass sighting of lights in the night sky could not have been space aliens. The lights, the man said, could be tracked by the calls to 911 reporting the sightings. The locations of the callers and the time of the calls revealed the course of the lights. The light followed the interstate highway. The reporter stated that it is ridiculous to think that space aliens who have traveled billions if not trillions of miles through space would need to follow a roadway to navigate.

We find out further from a recently declassified CIA document that the government encourages the space-alien idea as a partial cover for what is really going on at the base.

What is really going on at the base? No one who knows is saying. Ventura tried to interview the congressman in whose district includes Area 51, but the man was not in his office when Ventura and crew arrived. A uncomfortable-looking aide said that he would call later to arrange an appointment for Ventura to see the congressman. No call came through.

Since there is little factual information about Area 51, there is not much that can be said without qualification. I reject the space-alien theory (as does Ventura). This leaves only secret research to develop new aircraft. The show had lots of artists’ drawings showing unusual looking airplanes, but art is not the same as real.

This episode will not end the speculation. Only a real alien would do that.

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The Opaque Knight

Posted by heyrandy on September 11, 2009

Tuesday my wife and I watched the Dark Night. This is a movie about Batman. It stars Batman and a lot of people who are not. This is also a movie about what is wrong with movies.

The basic plot consists of the impossible being done by the ridiculous. The action of the film involves lots of shootings, car crashes, explosions and bad acting.

This movie is so bad that it makes the television series 24 look like a graduate school seminar in philosophy.

My objections to the movie are not because I do not like action films; but because this action film, like all other action films, gives action films a bad name.

The ending of the movie is the best part, but it comes too late in the film; it should come just after the opening credits.

Maybe they will fix this in the sequel.

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