Hey! Randy


This site is my writing hobby. Since I am a little parsimonious, I like the cost of using digital ink and paper. And since I am a mediocre typist, I like the ease of correcting my errors. Those of you who have ever used a typewriter (look it up) will know what I mean.

The material I post is mine; no one else wants to be associated with this stuff. You are free to use it with attribution.

Please post a comment. If you don’t like what I say, feel free to state your objections. I only ask that you be reasonable and that you use a civil tone. Vulgarities will be deleted, libel will not be published. If you think that what I write is great, you may be effusive in you praise.

The site takes its name from the two words at work I hear most often: “Hey, Randy!” These words usually preface the relating of a problem that I must address. This phrase is so common that one of my coworkers used a press apply label to change the name on my time card to “Randy, Hey”. I gave him the star for humor.

I hold to free market capitalism, Reformed theology, personal freedom and responsibility, and limited government. I read widely and encourage others to do so. I believe self-education is best, but I have had some great teachers. They were the ones who showed me how little I knew. I have largely taken over their job. I have an odd, obdurate student.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. irishanglican said

    Hey mate,

    I hope you read the real Calvin, and not just American theology about him? I love the real man John Calvin, and his writings, sermons, etc. myself. Though I am more of the neo-Calvinst myself, and not American, but more toward Barth also (pro. Bart). But have my little brother who lives there…one time American Marine. I was myself a Royal Marine officer in Gulf War 1, plus. I am in my 50’s.

    I also like Augustine, but do not not follow his double procession in the Trinity (Filioque). The Father is in reality the regal of the Godhead (cause or origin).

    I am also a student of Tertullian as Augustine. Both African Churchmen. And see something of Traducianism.

    But I am also somewhat Eastern Orthodox friendly. They are very profound in both the Incarnation and Trinity of God.

    Just seeking to share some.

    the Rev. Dr. Fr. Robert (irishanglican)

  2. beat maker said

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