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Vocabulary, vol. 5

Posted by heyrandy on August 7, 2017


Here is the latest volume in Hey Randy’s vocabulary discovery. As always, when evaluating this post score double points to any word you find here that I listed in previous posts.


abaft. nautical. adv., toward the stern

adipose, adj., of or relating to fat, fatty

ad loc., at or to the place

adytum, n., the sanctum in an ancient temple

affray, n., a noisy quarrel or brawl

agnate, adj. relate or descended from the father’s side

aliquot adj., of or relating to an exact divisor of factor of a quanitity, especially of an integer; n., an aliquot part

anker, n., a liquid measure in various countries of Europe.

arras, n., a wall hanging; a tapestry; a curtain or wall hanging, especially of Flemish origin

asper n., a former Turkish monetary unit

auctorial adj., of or relating to an author


baldric, n., a belt worn across the chest to support a sword or bugle

banns, n. an announcement of an intended marriage.

barracoon, n., a barracks in which slaves or convicts were formerly held in temporary confinement

batman, n. a British military officer’s orderly

besom n., a bundle of twigs attached to a handle and used as a broom

bouma , typography the shape of a cluster of letters

brio n. vigor, vivacity

burgh, n., a chartered town or borough in Scotland

Buridan’s ass, n. in philosophy an example intended to show the deficiency of reason. An ass standing equidistant from two identical heaps of oats starves to death because reason provides no ground for choosing to eat one rather than the other


cabtharides, n., plural of if cantharis, a diuretic and urogenital stimulant of irritant prepared form the dried bodies of Spanish fly. once thought to be an aphrodisiac.

cacique n., an Indian chief, especially of the Spanish West Indies and other parts of Latin America during colonial times. A local political boss in Spain or Latin America

camarilla, n., a group of confidential, often scheming advisers; a cabal

ce-devant adj., former

celadon, n. a pale to very pale green, 2 a type of pottery having a pale green glaze

charabanc n. an open top bus used for sightseeing

chignon, n., a roll or knot of hair worn at the back of the head

chicote, n., a whip made of twisted rhinoceros hide see sjambok

clamant, adj. clamorous, loud 2 demanding attention, pressing

clew, n., a ball of yarn or thread; clews, the cords by which a hammock is suspended; clewed, vt., to roll into a coil or ball.

clitic, n., an unstressed word that is incapable of standing on its own and attaches its pronunciation to a stressed word, e.g., ’em (I see ’em.)

coffle n. a group of animal, slaves, or prisoners chained together in a line

comitia, n. & n. pl., a popular assembly in ancient Rome having legislative or electoral duties.

constative, adj. relating to or being an utterance that asserts or states something that can be judged as true of false. n. an utterance such as an assertion.

cordillera, n., a extensive chain of mountains or mountain ranges, especially the principal mountain system of a continent.

cortege, n. a train of attendants, a retinue

coup de main, n., a sudden action undertaken to surprise an enemy.

culverin, n., an early crudely made musket

cuirass, n., a piece of armor for protecting the breast and back; the breastplate

cynosure, n., an object that serves as a focal point of attention and admiration 2 something that serves to guide


deaccession v.tr., to remove an object from a collection, especially in order to sell it and purchase other objects

delandra est Carthago,  Carthage must be destroyed

demarche n., a course of action; a diplomatic representation or protest; a statement of protest addressed by citizens to public authorities

de minimus, of trifling consequence or importance; too insignificant to be worthy of concern; a reference to the phrase deminimis non curat lex (the law does not concern itself with trifles)

dingle, n., a small wooded valley; a dell

dirk, n. a dagger

dispositive, adj., relating to or having an effect on disposition or settlement, especially of a legal case or will.

donjon. n., the fortied main tower of a castle


ecesis n. the successful establishment of a plant or animal species in a habitat

eclaircissement, n., French, clarification; explanation; enlightenment

egestion n., a bodily excretion tr.v., egest

eldrich adj., strange, weird, unearthly

enclitic, n. a clitic that is attached to the end of another word

ephor, one of a body of five elected magistrates exercising a supervisory power over the kings of Sparta

epopt n., one enlightened in secrets ways

eucarya n., quondong trees

eupatrid, n. a member of the hereditary aristocracy of ancient Athens


factitious, adj., produced artificially, sham

fane n,. a temple

fanfaronade, n., gragging or blustering manner or behavior. a fanfare

flamen n., a priest of ancient Rome

Fashoda, a small town is SE Sudan the scene of a diplomatic incident (1898) in which French occupation of the fort caused a crisis between France Great Britain

firman, n., an edict of an Oriental sovereign 2 any authoritative grant of permission

fisc. n., the treasury of a kingdom or state

flinders, n., bits, fragments, or splinters

fontanel, n. the soft spot in a baby’s head

fustian, n., a coarse cloth; pretentious speech; pompous language. adj., pompous, bombastic, and ranting


gabble, v. intr. to speak rapidly or incoherently; jabber2 to make rapid low muttering or quacking sounds v. tr. to utter rapidly n., rapid, incoherent or meaningless speech

galere n., a group of people having a common interest, esp. a coterie of undesirable people; an unpleasant situation

gallimaufry, n., a jumble; a hodgepodge

gallipot, n., a small glazed earthenware jar formerly used by druggists of medicaments

gawp, intr. v. to gawk

gesellschaft n., a group of people held together by practical concerns

gemeinschaft n., a group of people held together by common beliefs or family ties.

gens, n. gentes, n.pl., a patrilineal clan of ancient Rome composed of several families of the same name claiming a common ancestor and belonging to a common religious cult

gotch n. an undergarment


haruspex, n. haruspices, n.pl., a priest in ancient Rome who practiced divination by the inspection of the entrails of animals

Hautgout, n., high relish or flavor; high seasoning

heterosis n., the increase in growth or othre characters in hybrids over those of the parents adj. heterotic

hummock, n. a low mound or ridge of earth; a knoll, also hammock, a tract of forested land that rises above an adjacent marsh in the southern US

hyperborean, adj., of the far north; Artic 2. very cold; frigid


impone v.tr., to wager

indaba n. south African tribal council

ingressive adj. involving an ingress; inchoative; ling., a word sound made by intake of air

inter alia, adv., among other things

intromission, n., the act of putting one thing into another; cannulation


jobbery n., corruption among public officials


kelson, n., variant of keelson. a timber or girder fastened above and parallel to the keel of a ship


Lacedaemon, the ancient city-state of Sparta

Laocoon n., A Trojan priest of Apollo who who was killed by two sea serpents for having warned his people of the Trojan horse

levee n., an embankment to contain a river; a reception held, as at a royal court

limgam, n., (Hinduism) a stylized phallus worshiped as a symbol of the god Shiva

lixiviate, tv., to wash or percolate the soluble matter from

luff, n., the act of sailing closer into the wind


mairie,  a city hall

manes or Manes, n. pl. the spirits of the dead, regarded as minor supernatural powers in ancient Rome

mantuamaker, n., one who makes dresses, cloaks, etc. for women; a dressmaker.

mare clausum, n., a navigable body of water that is under the jurisdiction of one nation and closed to all others

masque n., a dramatic entertainment performed by masked players

medina, n. the old section of an Arab city

medullary, n. the inner core of certain organs, 2, the pith of stems or roots of certain plants

melliferous, adj., forming or bearing honey

metapsychosis, n. reincarnation

meum and tuum, n., Lit. to fail to distinguish one’s own property from another’s; to be dishonest

mirk adj., dark, gloomy also murk

missish adj., like a miss, prim, affected

monstrance, n. in Roman Catholic Church the receptacle holding the consecrated Host is exposed for adoration. 2, proof by process of argument or a proposition proving an asserted conclusion

mudsill n,. the lowest point of a building upon which the foundation rests

muzhik, n. a Russian peasant

mutatis mutandis, adv., the necessary changes having been made

myrmidon, n. an ancient nation of Greek mythology. A dining club a Merton College, University of Oxford


nubbin n. a small or undeveloped part, a stunted part


offing, n., the part of the sea visible from the shore that is very distant or beyond anchoring ground

opisthography, n., a writing wpon the back of anything already written upon; the practice of writing on both sides of the object used as a surface

orthhogonal adj., relating to or composed of right angles; very different or unrelated, sharply divergent


palfrey n., a light saddle horse, esp. ridden by women

pantile, n., a roof tile with an S-shaped profile

parti pris, n., an inclination for or against something that affects judgment; a bias or prejudice

pasquinade n., a satire or lampoon; v.tr., to ridicule with a pasquinade

Penates, pl. n, the Roman gods of the household.

perturbative adj.,tending to cause perturbation; disturbing

peruke n., a wig

physiatrist n., a physician who specializes in physical medicine; a health care professional who administers physical therapy

physiognomy n., facial features; the art of judging human character from facial features; aspect and character of an inanimate entity

polemarch, n., a civilian official in ancient Greece

prepotent, adj., greater in power, influence, or force than another

phalanstery, n. a self-sustaining coperative community of followers of Fourierism

phratry, n. a grouping of clans or other social units within a tribe

pinchbeck, n., an alloy of zinc and copper used as imitation gold; a cheap imitation; adj., imitation

plangent, adj., loud and resound as in plangent bells; 2 plantive

point d’appui, n., a support or prop; the base or rallying point for a military unit

pontifex, n. a man on the highest council of priests in ancient Rome

primus inter pares, n., first among equals

proscenium, n., the area of a theater that is located between the curtain and the orchestra

puggaree n. cloth wrapped around the crown of a hat

purblind, adj., having poor vision; nearly blind

privative, adj., causing deprivation or loss

puttee, n., a strip of cloth wound spirally around the leg from ankle to knee 2 a gaiter covering the lower leg


quadrille n. a type of dance

qui vive, n., a sentinel’s challenge. Who goes there? (French)


Rabelaisian, adj. of Rabelais or his works; 2, characterized by coarse humor or bold caricature

refractory, adj., obstinately resistant to authority 2 difficult to melt 3 resistant to treatment

risorgimento, n., the period or movement for the liberation and political unification of Italy.

rodomontade, n., pretentious boasting; bluster; adj., pretentiously boasting or bragging; intr. v., to boast or brag.

ruction, n. a disturbance, quarrel, or row


sanative, adj., having the power to cure; a sanative environment

sangar, n., military: a breastwork of stone or sods

sannyasi, n., a wandering mendicant and ascetic

Sauterne n. a semisweet white wine

sauve qui peut, n., a state of panic or disorder; a rout

scud, intr. v., to run or skim along swiftly and easily; n., the act of scudding

sjambok, n., a whip made of animal hide see chicote

shrive, v., to hear the confession of and give absolution to a penitent. to make or go to confession.

souterrain, n., an underground chamber or passage

spermaceti n. a wax-like substance from the head of the sperm whale

spinney, n., a small grove; copse


taboret, n., a low stool without a back or arms; a low stand or cabinet; an embroidery frame

tarn, n., a small mountain lake, especially one formed by glaciers

taurobolium a part of an ancient religious rite involving baptism in the blood of a sacrificed bull. Also tauroboly

termagant, n,. a shrew

terpsichorean, adj., of or relating to dancing; n., a dancer

timocracy n. 1. a political unit of system of gov’t. in which possession of property  serves as the first requirement for participation in gov’t. 2 a political unit or system in which love or honor is deemed the guiding principle of gov’t.

tutelary, adj., being or serving as a guardian or protector


ulema, or ulama, pl. n. Muslim scholars trained in Islam and Islamic law.

ultra vires, adj, adv. beyond the legal power or authority of a person, corporation, agent, etc.


veridical, adj., truthful; veracious 2. coinciding with future events or apparently unknowable present realities

vesica piscis, n., a pointed oval shape used in medieval Christian art as an aureole to surrond a sacred figure


wimple. n., a cloth draped around the head  to frame the face




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Vocabulary vol. 4

Posted by heyrandy on September 2, 2013

Here is the latest volume in Hey Randy’s vocabulary discovery. As always, when evaluating this post score double points to any word you find here that I listed in previous posts.


alienage n. the official status of an alien

anchorite n. a person who has retired into seclusion for religious reasons

anomie n. instability caused by the erosion of social ideals and values

antiquary n pl -quaries (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Antiques) a person who collects, deals in, or studies antiques, ancient works of art, or ancient times Also called antiquarian

apse n. 1. Architecture A usually semicircular or polygonal, often vaulted recess, especially the termination of the sanctuary end of a church. 2. Astronomy An apsis.

areata adj. occurring in patches or a circumscribed area

astrolabe n. a medieval instrument that was used to determine the altitude of the sun or other celestial bodies.

arriviste n. a person who has recently attained high position or great power but not general acceptance or respect; an upstart; a social climber; a bounder

autotelic adj. having a purpose in itself


Babbitt n. a narrow-minded, self-satisfied person with an unthinking attachment to middle-class values and materialism. After George F. Babbitt, the main characterin the novel Babbit by Sinclair Lewis

Baignoire n. a box of the lowest tier in a theater.

bailment n.  The process of providing bail for an accused person. 2. The act of delivering goods or personal property to another in trust.

ballade 1. A verse form usually consisting of three stanzas of eight or ten lines each along with a brief envoy, with all three stanzas and the envoy ending in the same one-line refrain. 2. Music A composition, usually for the piano, having the romantic or dramatic quality of a narrative poem

banket n. a gold bearing conglomerate in South Africa.

biennale Italian. every other year.

brassage n. a fee charged for coining of money now called seigniorage


cannula n. A flexible tube, usually containing a trocar at one end, that is inserted into a bodily cavity, duct, or vessel to drain fluid or administer a substance such as a medication.

cession n. ceding territory to another state

chancery n. 1. Law a. A court of chancery. b. The proceedings and practice of a court of chancery; equity. c. A court of public record; an office of archives. d. One of the five divisions of the High Court of Justice of Great Britain, presided over by the Lord High Chancellor. 2. The office or department of a chancellor; a chancellery.

Cointreau (TM) n. a colorless liqueur with orange flavoring.

col n. a pass between two mountains

compurgation n. a form of trial where the accused could summon a specified number of people, usually 12, to swear to his innocence.

contrapuntal adj. music of or relating to counterpoint

copse n. a thicket of small trees or shrubs; a coppice

coryphaeus n. a leader of a Greek chorus, a spokesperson

coup de main n. sudden action


delator n. an accuser

delict n. A legal offense; a misdemeanor

dell n. a small secluded valley, a hollow

demimonde n. a class of women kept by wealthy lovers, prostitutes.

Deosil adj. sunwise, moving in the same direction as the sun; clockwise

dewlaps n. a wattle of a bird or loose skin on a person especially under the chin

doggo adv. in concealment eg. You should stay doggo.

doyen n. a man who is the eldest or senior member of a group

dressage n. the guiding of a horse through a series of complex maneuvers by slight movement of the rider’s hands, legs, and weight.

duple adj. Consisting of two; double. 2. Music Consisting of two or a multiple of two beats to the measure (from the definition of gavotte qv. infra)


eldritch adj. strange or unearthly, eerie

enchiridion n. a handbook, a manual

entail vt 1. To have, impose, or require as a necessary accompaniment or consequence: The investment entailed a high risk. The proposition X is a rose entails the proposition X is a flower because all roses are flowers. 2. To limit the inheritance of (property) to a specified succession of heirs. 3. To bestow or impose on a person or a specified succession of heirs. n. 1. a. The act of entailing, especially property. b. The state of being entailed. 2. An entailed state. 3. A predetermined order of succession, as to an estate or to an office. 4. Something transmitted as if by unalterable inheritance.

exiguous adj. meager, scanty


fanfaronade n. a bragging or blustering manner, fanfare

fin-de-siecle adj. of or characteristic of the last part of the 19th century, especially with reference to effete sophistication.

finikin adj. precise in triffles, idly busy. ex. a finikin lass.

firman n. 1. an edict of an Oriental sovereign 2. any authoritative grant of permission

folkmoot n. a general assembly of people in a town, district, or shire in medieval England

foramen n. an opening in the body to allow nerves, arteries, and veins to connect one part of the body to another

fisc n. the treasury of a kingdom or state

furuncle n. a skin boil involving a hair follice


gavotte n  A French peasant dance of Baroque origin in moderately quick duple meter. 2. Music for this dance (From Carly Simon’s Your So Vain)

glossator n. a writer of commentaries and glosses, esp. in the middle ages a interpreter of Roman and Canon law

good odor adj. to be in good repute vs. bad odor

graticulation n. The division of a design or draught into squares, in order the more easily to reproduce it in larger or smaller dimensions.

grawlix n. a group of characters such as @#$%^& usually used to indicate swear words


hyperborean adj. of or telating to the far north; Artic b. very cold; frigid

hypothecation vt. To pledge (property) as security or collateral for a debt without transfer of title or possession


intaglio n. a design carved into a surface as opposed to relief

integument n. a natural outer covering or coat, such as the skin of an animal.


Je nes sais quoi French. I don’t know.


kolkhozes n. In the USSR a group of peasants who voluntarily come together to operate large scale agricultural operations


latifundiun n. a great landed estate esp. of ancient Rome

leasow n. a pasture

lapith n. Greek Mythology One of a Thessalian tribe who at the disastrous wedding of their king defeated the drunken centaurs.


madrigals n. a. A song for two or three unaccompanied voices, developed in Italy in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. b. A short poem, often about love, suitable for being set to music. 2. a. A polyphonic song using a vernacular text and written for four to six voices, developed in Italy in the 16th century and popular in England in the 16th and early 17th centuries. b. A part song.

marquetry n. Material such as wood or ivory inlaid piece by piece into a wood surface and veneered to another surface.

meed n. a fitting recompense

metier n. calling; vocation; business; trade

metope n. any of the spaces between the triglyphs in a Doric frieze

mis-en-scene n. the arrangement of performers and properties on a stage for a theatrical production of before the camera in a film. b. a stage setting 2. Physical environment; surroundings

motet n. A polyphonic composition based on a sacred text and usually sung without accompaniment


nabob n. 1. A governor in India under the Mogul Empire. Also called nawab2. A person of wealth and prominence.

nark n. an informant

navvy n. n.pl. navvies a laborer, especially one employed in construction or excavation projects.


obelus n. n.pl. obeli the division mark

occasionalism n. The doctrine that God is the sole causal actor and that all events are merely occasions on which God brings about what are normally thought of as their effects.
Ossiann. A legendary Gaelic hero and bard of the third centuary A.D.
outre adj. passing the bounds of what is usually considered proper; unconventional; bizarre


paralogy n. false reasoning; paralogism

pediment n. a triangular gable between a horizontal entablature and a sloping roof

pelisse n. 1. (Clothing & Fashion) a fur-trimmed cloak 2. (Clothing & Fashion) a high-waisted loose coat, usually fur-trimmed, worn esp by women in the early 19th century

penetralia n. pl. the innermost pats of a building, especially the sanctuary of a temple. 2 the most private or secret parts; recesses, (the penetralia of the soul)

peristaltsis n. the wavelike muscular contractions of the alimentary canal or other tubular structures by which the contents are force onward toward the opening

pickelhaube n. a spiked helmet worn by German soldiers

pilcrow the symbol ¶ used to indicate a new paragraph

placer n. a glacial or alluvial deposit that has valuable minerals

poetaster n. a writer of bad poetry

punctilio n. a fine point in etiquette, precise observance of formalitites

porphyry n. An igneous rock containing the large crystals known as phenocrysts embedded in a fine-grained matrix

psychotogen n. a drug that produces psychotic manifestations.




satori n. Buddhism: a spiritual awakening sough in Zen Buddhism, often coming suddenly

scrim n. a durable loosely woven fabric used for curtains or upholstery lining. 2. A transparent fabric used as a drop in the theater to create special effects of light or atmosphere.

scry vi. to see or predict the future by means of a crystal ball. descry

solidus n. n. pl. solidi printing: a virgule; a slash

stygian n. gloomy, dark, infernal, hellish, 2 of the river Styx

suffragan n. 1. A bishop elected or appointed as an assistant to the bishop or ordinary of a diocese, having administrative and episcopal responsibilities but no jurisdictional functions. 2. A bishop regarded in position as subordinate to an archbishop or a metropolitan

supernumerary n. a person  with no function


Taborites n. Eccl. Hist.) One of certain Bohemian reformers who suffered persecution in the fifteenth century; – so called from Tabor, a hill or fortress where they encamped during a part of their persecution

tambour n. a drum or drummer

tangka n. an old Tibetan coin

telluric adj. of or relating to Earth; terrestrial 2. Derived or containing tellurium.

thegn also thane n. 1. (in Anglo-Saxon England) a member of an aristocratic class, ranking below an ealdorman, whose status was hereditary and who held land from the king or from another nobleman in return for certain services 2. (in medieval Scotland) a. a person of rank, often the chief of a clan, holding land from the king b. a lesser noble who was a Crown official holding authority over an area of land

trocar n. A sharp-pointed surgical instrument, used with a cannula to puncture a body cavity for fluid aspiration

tump vt. vi., to overturn



virid adj. green as vegetation, verdant

Voivode n. also called waywode Originally, the title of a military commander in various Slavonic countries; afterwards applied to governors of towns or provinces. It was assumed for a time by the rulers of Moldavia and Wallachia, who were afterwards called hospodars, and has also been given to some inferior Turkish officers.


Waywode see Voivode

wheal n. a small swelling of the skin as from an insect bite

widdershins adv. in the contrary or counterclockwise motion


Wyrd n. an Anglo-Saxon deity




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Still Adding

Posted by heyrandy on December 12, 2011

Here is some more words I had to look up. I find them in my reading. Extra points to anyone who can find duplicate from the previous lists. The list is alphabetical. Some letter headings have no entries. Fill in the blanks from your own reading.



ateliers n. A workshop or studio, especially for an artist or designer.

Anglepoise n. a lamp held in place by a flexible jointed mechanism that uses springs to maintain position

an·o·mie or an·o·my  (n-mn. 1. Social instability caused by erosion of standards and values. 2. Alienation and purposelessness experienced by a person or a class as a result of a lack of standards, values, or ideals: “We must now brace ourselves for disquisitions on peer pressure, adolescent anomie and rage” (Charles Krauthammer).

anon 1. adv. At another time; later. 2. In a short time; soon. 3. Archaic At once; forthwith.

apport (Spirituality, New Age, Astrology & Self-help / Alternative Belief Systems) a.  the production of objects by apparently supernatural means at a spiritualists’ seance b.  the objects produced

anacoluthon n. the abrupt change in a sentence. often used for rhetorical effect. eg. I told him if he didn’t stop drinking, what would happen to him.

adjuvant n. an agent added to a drug to increase its effect

agon n. 1. A conflict, especially between the protagonist and antagonist in a work of literature. 2. The part of an ancient Greek drama, especially a comedy, in which two characters engage in verbal dispute. 3. A test of will; a conflict: “Freud’s originality stemmed from his aggression and ambition in his agon with biology” (Harold Bloom). 4. A contest in ancient Greece, as in athletics or music, in which prizes were awarded.

Arawak 1. A member of a South American Indian people formerly inhabiting much of the Greater Antilles and now living chiefly in certain regions of Guiana. 2. The Arawakan language of the Arawak.

atrabilious adj.  Inclined to melancholy.  Having a peevish disposition; surly.

attar n. A fragrant essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers: attar of roses.


bally adj & adv (intensifier) Brit slang a euphemistic word for bloody

banlieue n. a suburb of a city

bourn n. a small stream, a brook

boustrophedon a style of writing in which the lines alternate direction

brisance n. The shattering effect of the sudden release of energy in an explosion bri·sant (-zänt, -zät) adj


cambric n. a finely woven white linen or cotton fabric.

campanile n. camp a nee lee  a bell tower; usually stands alone unattached to a building

caparison 1. An ornamental covering for a horse or for its saddle or harness; trappings.2. Richly ornamented clothing; finery.tr.v. ca·par·i·sonedca·par·i·son·ingca·par·i·sons1. To outfit (a horse) with an ornamental covering. 2. To dress (another) in rich clothing.

carceral adj. Belonging to a prison

caryatid n. a supporting column sculptured in the form of a draped female figure

Catherine wheel n. a type of firework that spins around and emits flames

cerecloth n. Cloth coated with wax, formerly used for wrapping the dead

chiaroscuro n. 1. The technique of using light and shade in pictorial representation. 2. The arrangement of light and dark elements in a pictorial work of art.

chrism n. Ecclesiastical 1. A consecrated mixture of oil and balsam, used for anointing in church sacraments such as baptism and confirmation. Also called holy oil2. A sacramental anointing, especially upon confirmation into the Eastern Orthodox Church.

chunter (v intr; often foll by on) Brit informal to mutter or grumble incessantly in a meaningless fashion

cisvestitism the dressing in clothes appropriate for one’s own sex

corbel n. A bracket of stone, wood, brick, or other building material, projecting from the face of a wall and generally used to support a cornice or arch. tr.v. cor·beled also cor·belledcor·bel·ing also cor·bel·lingcor·bels also cor·belsTo provide with or support by a corbel or corbels.

crapulence n. 1. Sickness caused by excessive eating or drinking. 2. Excessive indulgence; intemperance.

cri de coeur n. n. pl. cris de coeur (kr) An impassioned outcry, as of entreaty or protest.


debridement  n. Surgical excision of dead, devitalized, or contaminated tissue and removal of foreign matter from a wound

dacoit  n. a member of a robber band or gang in India or Myanmar (Burma).

defalcation intr.v. de·fal·cat·edde·fal·cat·ingde·fal·cates To misuse funds; embezzle.

dido n. pl. di·dos or di·does A mischievous prank or antic; a caper.

dingus n. 1. An article whose name is unknown or forgotten. 2. A person regarded as stupid.

disseizin n. law wrongful dispossession of one in possession of real property

doughty adj. stouthearted, brave

drumfire n. heavy, continuous gunfire

drusy (Min.) Covered with a large number of minute crystals


eclat  brilliancy of success or effort; splendor; brilliant show; striking effect; glory; renown 2 demonstration of admiration and approbation; applause

fenfilading 1. Gunfire directed along the length of a target, such as a column of troops. 2. A target vulnerable to sweeping gunfire. 3. Architecture A linear arrangement of a series of interior doors, as to a suite of rooms, so as to provide a vista when the doors are open.

epicanthus n pl -thi [-θaɪ] (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Anatomy) a fold of skin extending vertically over the inner angle of the eye: characteristic of Mongolian peoples and a congenital anomaly among other races Also called epicanthic fold [New Latin, from epi- + Latin canthus corner of the eye, from Greek kanthos]entrepot  n. A warehouse; a magazine for depositing goods, stores, etc.a port where merchandise can be imported and re-exported with paying import duties; a mart or place where merchandise is deposited; as, an entrepôt for shipping goods in transit

fellah n. A peasant or agricultural laborer in an Arab country, such as Syria or Egypt.

fetterlock n. another name for a fetlock A projection on the lower part of the leg of a horse or related animal, above and behind the hoof. b. A tuft of hair on such a projection.

feuilleton n. 1. a. The part of a European newspaper devoted to light fiction, reviews, and articles of general entertainment. b. An article appearing in such a section. 2. a. A novel published in installments. b. A light, popular work of fiction. 3. A short literary essay or sketch.

feuterer someone who keeps a dog

fin de siecle adj. Of or characteristic of the last part of the 19th century, especially with reference to its artistic climate of effete sophistication

flensing tr.v. flensedflens·ingflens·es To strip the blubber or skin from (a whale, for example)

flinders n pl  Bits, fragments, or splinters

fons et origo n.the source and origin

forfend vt. To keep or ward off; avert


grue a shiver or shudder; a creeping of the flesh vb (intr) 1. to shiver or shudder 2. to feel strong aversion

gutta-percha n. A rubbery substance derived from the latex of any of several tropical trees of the genera Palaquium and Payena, used as an electrical insulator, as a waterproofing compound, and in golf balls

gharry n. A horse-drawn carriage, used primarily in Egypt and India, often as a cab.

gloaming n. twilight, dusk

gymkhana n. 1. Any of various meets at which contests are held to test the skill of the competitors, as in equestrian-ship, gymnastics, or sports car racing.

2. The place where such an event is held.


hartal n. the merchants strike where all shops are closed as a form of protest

haver Brit. to talk nonsense, to dither

hierophany the revelation of the sacred

hummock 1. A low mound or ridge of earth; a knoll. 2. also ham·mock (hmk) A tract of forested land that rises above an adjacent marsh in the southern United States. 3. A ridge or hill of ice in an ice field.


illeism the referring of one’s self in the third person

idyll 1.a. A short poem or prose piece depicting a rural or pastoral scene, usually in idealized terms.b. A narrative poem treating an epic or romantic theme.2. A scene or event of a simple and tranquil nature.


in media res  adj In or into the middle of a sequence of events, as in a literary narrative

inosculate v.tr. 1. To unite (blood vessels, nerve fibers, or ducts) by small openings. 2. To make continuous; blend. v.intr.1. To open into one another.

2. To unite so as to be continuous; blend.
inter alia  among other things

interne n. (Medicine) a variant spelling of intern us adj. too odious to mention

immure tr.v. im·muredim·mur·ingim·mures 1. To confine within or as if within walls; imprison. 2. To build into a wall: immure a shrine. 3. To entomb in a wall.

in vivo adj adv Within a living organism


jamais vu the opposite of déjà vu

jodhpurs n. riding pants

jointure 1. Lawa. An arrangement by which a man sets aside property to be used for the support of his wife after his death.b. The property so designated.2. The act of joining or the state of being joined.


karst n. An area of irregular limestone in which erosion has produced fissures, sinkholes, underground streams, and caverns

kohl n. A cosmetic preparation, such as powdered antimony sulfide, used especially in the Middle East to darken the rims of the eyelids

kraal n. South African 1. A rural village, typically consisting of huts surrounded by a stockade


lambent 1. Flickering lightly over or on a surface: lambent moonlight. 2. Effortlessly light or brilliant: lambent wit. 3. Having a gentle glow; luminous.

liminal n. the threshold of a psychological or physical response

lissa jous Lissajous curve (or Lissajous figure), a mathematical figure showing a type of harmonic motion. Lissajous orbit, an orbital trajectory resembling a Lissajous curve.

louche adj. of questionable taste or morally decadent

laicization n. lacize vt. to free from ecclesiastical control, give over to the laity

leechcraft n. The art of healing; skill of a physician

logrolling n. The exchanging of political favors, especially the trading of influence or votes among legislators to achieve passage of projects that are of interest to one another. 2. The exchanging of favors or praise, as among artists, critics, or academics.

Lucullan adj. lavish, luxurious


marguerite n. any of several similar or related plants having daisylike flowers

maceration vt. to make soft by soaking in a liquid

menticide n. the systematic undermining of someone’s beliefs

meprobamate n. A bitter white powder, C9H18N2O4, used as a tranquilizer, muscle relaxant, and anticonvulsant.

midinette n. a Parisian seamstress or salesgirl in a clothes shop

mirabile dictu interj. Wonderful to relate.

moue n. A small grimace; a pout


nocebo n. an inert substance given as a medicine that cause an adverse reaction in the recipient, the opposite of a placebo

nosology n. the classification of diseases

numinous adj. 1. Of or relating to a numen; supernatural. 2. Filled with or characterized by a sense of a supernatural presence: a numinous place. 3. Spiritually elevated; sublime.


omphaloskepsis n. a form of religious meditation practiced by Eastern mystics who stare fixedly at their own navels to induce a mystical trance. Also called omphalism.

orotund adj. Pompous and bombastic: orotund talk. 2. Full in sound; sonorous: orotund tone

oubliette n. A dungeon with a trapdoor in the ceiling as its only means of entrance or exit

odalisques n, A woman slave in a harem

ogive n. 1. Statistics a. A distribution curve in which the frequencies are cumulative. b. A frequency distribution. 2. Architecture a. A diagonal rib of a Gothic vault. b. A pointed arch.


palfrey n. (pawl’ free) A saddle horse, especially one for a woman to ride

pandit n. Brahman scholar or learned man

perfervid adj. intense, impassioned

phreatic adj, Of or relating to ground water

polje n. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) Geography a large elliptical depression in karst regions, sometimes containing a marsh or small lake

pseudopodia n. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Biology) a temporary projection from the cell of an amoeboid protozoan, leucocyte, etc., used for feeding and locomotion

puissance n. power, might

purulent adj. Containing, discharging, or causing the production of pus



Rapallo (Placename) a port and resort in NW Italy, in Liguria on the Gulf of Rapallo (an inlet of the Ligurian Sea): scene of the signing of two treaties after World War I. Pop.: 30 000 (1990 est.)

readeption  n. the regaining of something lost

recusant n. 1. One of the Roman Catholics in England who incurred legal and social penalties in the 16th century and afterward for refusing to attend services of the Church of England.  2. A dissenter; a nonconformist.


salafism n.  a militant group of extremist Sunnis who believe themselves the only correct interpreters of the Koran and consider moderate Muslims to be infidels; seek to convert all Muslims and to insure that its own fundamentalist version of Islam will dominate the world

schadenfreude n. delight in another’s misfortune

sodality n. 1. A society or an association, especially a devotional or charitable society for the laity in the Roman Catholic Church. 2. Fellowship.

solfeggo 1. Use of the sol-fa syllables to note the tones of the scale; solmization. 2. A singing exercise in which the sol-fa syllables are used instead of text

Sublime Porte n.  the Ottoman court in Constantinople

sudorific adj.  Causing or increasing sweat
sumpter n. A pack animal, such as a horse or mule.

shire n. A former administrative division of Great Britain, equivalent to a county. 2. often Shire A Shire horse.


tatterdemalion n. a person wearing tattered clothes

Telamon n. Greek Mythology One of the Argonauts and the father of Ajax.

tegument n. A natural outer covering; an integument


ultimogeniture n law  (Law) a principle of inheritance whereby the youngest son succeeds to the estate of his ancestor Compare primogeniture


valetudinarian n. a weak or sickly person, especially one very concerned about his illness

verdigris n. 1. A blue or green powder consisting of basic cupric acetate used as a paint pigment and fungicide. 2. A green patina or crust of copper sulfate or copper chloride formed on copper, brass, and bronze exposed to air or seawater for long periods of time.

virtu n. 1 A knowledge or love of or taste for fine objects of art. 2. Objects of art, especially fine antique objets d’art, considered as a group

viscera n. abdominal organs


wherry n.  sailing barge used especially in East Anglia

whitsun adj. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) of or relating to Whit Sunday or Whitsuntide




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Sales Lines

Posted by heyrandy on December 6, 2011

There are words and phrases that help sell ideas. Most of these words and phrases are emotional. They load the issue with feelings. I have collected them. Here are some with definitions and discussion.

Clean. Clean things are good. This means dirty things are bad. We have clean-burning natural gas. We also have coal. Coal is not clean.

Family. We hear of “family farms.” A local politician sent around a survey that used “family liquor stores.” That was a new one. “Family values” is trite.

Fight terrorism. Phrase used to justify repressive measures. It is now the case the those fighting terrorism are becoming the real terrorists.

Protect the children. You can’t keep the little one too safe.

Strong schools. An euphemism for more money.

Reform. Usually just talk but sometimes there are superficial changes.

Transparency. A repainting in a new color.

Accountability. The matter caused great bad publicity, so some small fry got fired. Reform usually follows along with promises of transparency.

Fight/get tough on crime. Small-time crooks go to jail. The politically connected thief who stole billions keeps most of the money.

Clean up corruption. My guys get the graft, not yours.

Will/man of the people. He is in someone’s pocket.

Terrorist. Any one the government wants to kill.

Supporter of terrorism. Usually a head of state that has fallen out of favor with our government.

Rogue state. They won’t do what we want.

Regime change. What happens to a rogue state that does not have nukes.

Nukes. Things rogue states use to prevent regime change.

Allies. Countries that go along with us because they will get a share of the loot.

Standards. Important things that are not important.

Good government. Ordinary government with transparency.

Social justice. When government, good or otherwise, takes from those who own and give most of it those who don’t.

Fair share. Class envy; you pay for what I want.

Soak the rich. Tilting at windmills.

Switzerland. A small, land-locked, anomalous country in Europe that is neither ally nor a rogue state.

Good education. Paper certification.

Israel. Majority shareholder of the United States Congress.

TSA. Successor to the Keystone Cops but not as funny.

There are many more. I will leave it to you to add your favorites in the comments.

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words to know

Posted by heyrandy on January 5, 2008

This collection of words has been compiled through my reading.  I have discovered some of them by looking up the definitions of others.

accusative of the direct object
affiance vt uh fi ens to pledge or betroth in marriage
agonistic adj. combative, struggling to overcome in argument; strained, contrived
alarum any noisy, confused situation
albedo ratio of radiation hitting the earth to that reflected from the earth
aleatoric depending on chance or luck
allusive dealing in allusions, indirect
anomie rootless, lacking values
Antaeus mythical giant wrestler who was invincible as long as he touched his mother earth
aperient a laxative
apostil n. marginal note
apothegm n. ap uh them short, pithy remarks; aphorism
appetence n. ap’ i tens intense natural craving; instinctive affinity for or inclination to
appose vt uh pose to place side by side, apposition
apposite suitable
appurtenance uh pert n ance an adjunct
ashram Indian mystic’s enclosed courtyard where he does his teaching
asyndetic omitting a conjunction
aureole a halo
autarchy self-sufficiency
autolyze to break down cells of your tissue with your own enzymes
badinadoes blows to the bottom of the feet (used in Turkish prisons)
bagnio ban’ yo a brothel
baleful adj. full of menacing influence, pernicious
Bayeux tapestry tapestry depicting the Norman conquest of England
bedizened bee die zen to decorate
benthic of the bottom of the sea
bien-pensant right thinking
bourn (born) 1 bound or limit 2 goal, destination 3 realm or domain
brachial of or like an arm
breviary n. R Cath. the book containing the daily prayers,etc that allow the priest to recite the daily divine office
brilliantine an oily hair dressing
Brobdingnag n. an island inhabited by 60 ft tall giants
brumal adj. wintry
brume n. mist or fog
brummagem adj. showy buy worthless
burnoose n. a hooded robe or cloak worn by Arabs
cadastral public record of land for tax purposes
caesura a break in a line of verse
callet n. a prostitute
calque the transfer of specialized words to another language by the literal translation of their parts
Cambridge change a change that is only apparent and not real
caparison n the decoration on the tack of a horse or the clothing of a person vi to dress richly
carminative n. a drug causing gas to be expelled from the bowel or stomach
carrack n. Mediterranean merchant vessel of the 15th and 16th cent.
carrefour a crossroad, intersection, public square
catachresis adj. catachresis n. the strained or misuse of words
celerity n. swiftness, speed
cenote n. a rainwater filled hole in limestone, common in central america
chanson a song
Chartism n. principles of a group of English social reformers of 1838-43
chary adj. wariness
chillum a clay pipe used in India
clepsydra n. a devise to measure time by the flow of water through an orifice, a water glass
clerisy n. the intellectuals as group
climacteric n. the change in a woman’s life ending in menopause; critic stage in a person’s life when change takes place
clitic n. a word that must be attached to another word e.g. ’em in tell ’em what is said
concessive adj. tending to concede 2 Gram. expressing concession as the English conjunction though
congeries a heap
contretemps an inopportune occurrence
conurbation a large densely populated city with its suburbs
coprolite n. petrified feces
coruscation to give off sudden bright light, to sparkle
corvee forced, unpaid labor of serf by a lord on his estate
Corybante a follower of the goddess Cylebe with dancing and orgies
cosset (kas’ et) n. a pet; vi. to make a pet of, fondle, pamper
coxcomb a silly, vain, foppish fellow
crenate adj. having the edge notched or scalloped to form a rounded tooth
crepitate to make a crackling sound
crepuscular adj. pertaining to twilight, dim, indistinct
crescive growing
crosier bishop’s staff
cynosure person of thing that is the center of attention

dative of the indirect object
declaim vi to speak in a pompous or affected manor
declamations to engage in passionate or pompous speech
decorticate to remove the husk or peel
decussate vt, vi dee kus’ ate to form a x shape
demerara a coarse, light brown sugar
demersal found at or near the bottom of a lake, sea, etc.
demimonde a woman who has lost social standing because of sexual promiscuity
demotic adj. pertaining to the people, popular
deracinate to up root, make homeless
descry vt to make out something indistinct by careful discernment
desinence of an ending, a termination, an inflection
dey ruler of one of the Barbary states
diliquesce vi del a kwes’ to melt away
dirigisme dee ree zhees m gov’t interference in the economy; dirigiste adj. directed by a central authority
donmeh n. a Jew who overtly converts to Islam, yet secretly still observes Jewish ritual
Dormition n. the taking up of the virgin Mary celebrated in Gk. Orthodox and Roman Catholic on Aug. 15
dragoman official guide or interpreter
eidolon eye doe’ len 1 image without existence, phantom 2 an ideal person
eleemosynary of charitable organizations
elentic a method of argument in which a proposition is shown to be true by disproving its opposite
embosk vi to hide something in or with foliage; also imbosk
eminence grise gray eminence, the power hanging over something; a powerful, secret advisor
empyrean of heaven or the sky
emunctory adj. of the intestinal tract, dealing with the digestion of food
enclitic n. a clitic that is attached to the end of another word
endogenous being generated or created from the inside
epigone an inferior follower
Erastian advocation the supreme authority of the state in church matters
eristic of or provoking controversy, or given to sophistry or specious reasoning
esculent edible
estival of summer
excrescence an abnormal outgrowth
exogenous being generated or created from the outside
exordium n. the beginning part
extravasate to flow out from normal vessels into surrounding tissue also used to indicate the flow of lava from a fissu
factitious adj artificial or contrived
factitive adj of verbs taking direct object and objective complement indicating consequence: made in they made him king
farrago confused medley
fasciate vi to bind with bands fasciation
Fenris wolf a wolf like monster
ferrule a rod to whack the hands of kids
flack n. a press agent vi to act as a press agent vi to promote flackery
flagitious extremely evil or barbaric
flechette n. a steel dart shot from a gun
forfend 1 to forbid 2 to ward off, prevent
frisson (free son) n. a shudder or shiver
Fronde n. a series of unsuccessful rebellions during the minority of Louis XIV
frontispiece n. fron tis peas an illustrated leaf before the title page
fustian adj. outmoded, old fashioned
fustigate vt. to beat with a stick, cudgel
fusty adj. moldy, stale ; old and out of date
gibbet n. the arm of a gallows displaying the bodies of the executed criminals
glebe n. soil, field
gnomic using allusions
gomerel a fool, simpleton
gratulation n. the felling of joy, the expression of joy
gudgeon n. a socket for a pintle, a trunnion vi to dupe or cheat
guerdon n. gur’ den a literary prize vi to reward with a guerdon
Guernica Basque town bombed by Nazis
halakic from the Jewish oral (Talmudic) law
hastate adj. spear shaped
hebdomadal adj. weekly
hebdomad n. a week or group of seven
hebetude n. dullness, lethargy
hebitate vt. to make blunt
hierophant an interpreter of esoterica
homunculus a dwarf
houri Islam: the virgins promised the faithful in heaven
imperium n. supreme power
impost a tax
inamorata a woman as a lover, a sweetheart
inanition n. exhaustion from starvation
inappetence n. lack of appetite
interstitial of or forming the interstice- a small crevice or space between parts
intussuscept vt n tus sa sept to invaginate
inunction the process of rubbing ointment on to the skin
irruption n. a violent bursting forth or breaking in 2. a sudden increase in animal population
jabot falling ruffle of lace worn about the neck
janissary a very loyal or submissive follower
jollification n. jolly merry making
jussive expressing a command
Kali the Hindu goddess that gives and destroys life
ken n. range of knowledge v. to know
khanate the domain of a khan
knight-errant a knight sent on a mission
kundalini Hindu concept of a reservoir of divine energy located at the base of the spine and released by yoga
Lamarckism the idea that acquired characteristics are inherited
lebensraum land taken for political expansion
lenitive n. softening or smoothing as in medicine
lineaments n. distinguishing characteristics
lissome moving gracefully, lithe
litotes n. lite’ auh teas an understatement esp in negation: “with not a few regrets”
lateen a triangular sail on such a ship
loggia a balcony facing a open square
lumpen n. the disaffected
lungi Indian loin cloth
Maecenas n. generous patron of the arts
mandala a circular design with images of deities that symbolize the universe
manque adj short of or frustrated in one’s life fulfillment (a poet manque)
Marrano a Jew who outwardly converts to Christianity but secretly is still a Jew, an offensive term for a converso
matryushka Russian dolls that fit inside each other
maunder to speak drivel
messaline a luxurious silk cloth
metonymy n. the use of one object or concept for another to which it is related
micturate to urinate
miliary of a millet seed 2. of a type of tuberculosis that has millet seed sized tubercles
mimesis imitation
modus vivendi n. a temporary agreement
morpheme n. smallest meaningful unit of a language
mortmain 1. transfer of property to a corporation such as a church for perpetual ownership 2. the offensive influence of the past
mummery n. empty ritual
mutatis mutandis with all due adjustments and modifications having been made
myrmidon n. a servant that obey without question
natatorium a swimming pool
Negus title of ruler of Ethiopia
nociceptive no’ sa cep tive adj. of, causing, or reacting to pain
nolens volens whether one wishes it or not
nubilous adj. cloudy, not clear
nuncupative oral, not written
obtest vt. to invoke as a witness, 2 to beseech with fervor
obvert vi. to turn to show a different side
obvolute adj. rolled or turned in
oeuvre (French) a writer’s or artist’s body of work taken as a whole
officialism n. excessive attention to rules and regulations 2. officials in general
olio n. a dish of many ingredients
palfrey n. a riding horse as distinguished from a war horse
Palladian adj. pertaining to the god Pallas; pertaining to wisdom
Palladian of the god Athena of wisdom
Palladium n. anything believed to provide safety of safeguard
pannier woven baskets used on pack animals to transport goods
parricide parent murder
passible adj. that can feel or suffer
pastiche a hodge-podge collection of literary pieces
peculate to embezzle
pelf wealth regarded with contempt
pentimento the fading of oil paint to reveal previous hidden layers of a painting
percipient perceiving keenly
perdu/perdue adj. hidden, obscure
perduration enduring, imperishable
per fervid ardent
perfuse vt to overspread
pergola n. an arbor supported by columns
peripety in literature a sudden turn or reversal of events or action
periphrastic adj. gram. the use of two or more words having the same syntactic function: son of john, john’s son
pertinacity stubborn or obstinate
philippic n. a harsh denunciation of someone
pillion n. pil’ yen extra saddle behind driver’s on a motorcycle
pilose adj. to be covered with hair, especially soft hair
pilpul n. method of rabbinical interpretation of Talmudic lit. that draws especially fine distinctions
pistareen adj pis tuh reen’ of little value or worth
pleonasm to use more words than necessary, to be redundant
pleroma n. fullness from the Greek of Col 2:9
pluvial of rain
pococurante n. indifferent person, v. indifference, nonchalant
pomade perfumed hair dressing
portmanteau a word that is made from parts of two other words
piscine adj. pis’ een of or resembling a fish
precis a summary
prelection n. a lecture or discourse prelect v.
prepossess vt to impress favorably from the beginning
prescripts n. laws
preternatural beyond the natural, superhuman
priapic concerned with virility
priapus the penis
propinquity adj. proximity, nearness, similarity
provenance origin
puck a mischievous sprite
punctate covered with dots or tiny spots
purdah curtain dividing the house in women’s sections and men’s sections
purlieu purl’ you 1 an outlying bound of a city; 2, a place of habitual haunt
purlieus a place outside the boundary. limits, environs, or haunts
pythonic of a divining spirit
quoins overlapping stones at the corner of a building
quondam adj. former
rebarbative repellent, unattractive, grim
recension n. an editorial revision of a text
rechauffe n. ray’ show fay reheated leftovers, any rehashed mtl
rescript an official order
ressentiment frustrated rage
riant adj. rye’ ant to be happy, merry, cheerful
sapid having a taste, especially a pleasing one 2. agreeable to the mind, interesting
saponify v. to change a fat into soap by treating it with an alkali
saporific adj. imparting flavor or taste
sapor n. the substance that gives flavor or taste
saporous adj. flavorful
saprogenic adj. sap roe gen ic producing putrefaction or decay
scansion the act of analyzing poetry by its rhythmic components
scapegrace an unprincipled fellow, a rogue
Schadenfraude glee at another’s misfortune
scrivener notary
seminivorous feeding on seeds
semiology the signs and symbols of a language
semiotics of signs
semi palmate half webbed feet
senescent adj. growing old
shadoof n. water bucket on weighted rod used to raise water
Shavian of G.B. Shaw or his work
Shrievalty of the sheriff
shtetl a Jewish community of eastern Europe
simulacrum 1 image, likeness 2 a vague representation 3 a sham, a pretense
Solon a legislator, especially a wise one
sonorous high sounding
spoilate to rob, plunder
starets  Russian orthodox ch: spiritual advisor
stochastic adj. conjectural; statical meaning contains random variables
strophe n. stro’ fe a stanza
subsidiary coin coin of less than standard unit value
subvention n. 1 a grant of money by a government or other agency to underwrite a project 2 aid or relief
sumptuary pertaining to reduce expenditure or control personal behavior
supervene vi to take place or occur as something additional
suppletion to rotate the arm to have the palm up
suppurative generating pus
surcease an end or cessation
syllepsis n. the use of one word with two syntactic functions
sylph a slender graceful young woman
syndetic adj serving to connect
syndicalism an economic system where the means of production are given to the workers
synecdoche n. a metonymy
tabescent adj tuh bes’ ent to be emaciated or wasted away
Tantra n. books of esoteric Hindu ritual
Tartuffe n. a hypocrite, especially a religious one
telamon n. a supporting column carved in the shape of a man, aka atlas
tendentious of or to promote a perticular view
theophoric name n. the embedded name of a deity in a person’s name
theroid adj. having animal tendencies, brutish
thersitical adj. scurrilous, foul mouthed, abusive
tiffin lunch
tocsin an alarm
topos in literature a repeated theme
traduce vt to defame, malign
trull n. a woman prostitute
trumpery something of no value
twaddle, r n. silly talk, one who use twaddle
ukase an arbitrary decree
unciform hook shaped
Uniate of eastern churches that are under the see of Rome but have their own liturgy and customs
urticaria hives
urticate to sting with nettles
usufructs n. the use and benefit of something without ownership
veld, veldt grassland
velitation hostile encounter
vertiginous adj. whirling, spinning
viands n. items of food
viridian blue-green
volant adj to have the power of flight
volitation n. the act or power of flight
volplane vi. to glide in an airplane
votary one under a vow
white shoe a company that usually deals only with w.a.s.p clients
zeugma n. the use of one word with two objects e.g. wage war and peace

inter se between us

plangent adj. loud and resounding

eruct to belch violently, a volcanic eruption

garboil n. a commotion

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