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A Remedy for the Lies

Posted by heyrandy on July 22, 2013

Nullification How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century. Tom Woods, 2010

It is our only hope. The Federal Government has grown so large, so intrusive that there is little chance of stopping its all-controlling nature. In the last one hundred years the government has gone from delivering the mail to regulating our toilets (and the water that flushes them), our light bulbs, our air, our medicine, and our cars. That is just the beginning of a larger list. Uncle Sam’s bureaucrats now regulate everything. Woods poses a solution.

The principle of nullification dates back to the founding of the republic. Nullification has a long,glorious history. You would never know that by listening to nullification’s critics. They all insist that nullification is illegal and would re-institute slavery. Woods shows why all this is wrong.

Woods also shows why nullification is necessary. Without nullification there is no way that the people can restrain the Federal Government. The states would become merely administrative districts of the central government. This was a great fear of the states. Assurances from the Federalists were not well received. This is one of the reasons the Bill of Right was included in the Constitution. The principle of nullification was well understood. It is embodied in the Tenth Amendment.

Ratification the Constitution was not a simple process. Woods shows from the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers that the states were worried that the central government would overtake the states. Proponents of the Constitution assured the doubters that no such thing would ever happen. The doubters insisted on adding the first ten amendments as a guarantee that federal tyranny would be prevented. The amendments have proven ineffective. The amendments have been steadily weakened. They are now a chimera. Nullification is all that is left.

Woods lays out the theory of the Constitution as a compact among the states as opposed the nationalist theory that the Constitution comes from a single people. The compact theory has been eclipsed by the nationalist theory since 1830. We see the result.

Woods recognizes the difficulty in enacting nullification. In addition the ignorant media shills who screech and scream against the theory, there is the serious matter of Federal funding for state and local projects. Since the lower levels of government are so desperate for Federal money, the Federal government can threaten to withhold this money if the states nullify any Federal law. The states will be hard pressed to resist the will of voters angry that their kid’s school in no longer getting all that free Federal money. This threat of withholding of Federal funds was used in the 1970s to coerce the states into accepting the 55 mile-per-hour speed limit. No state refused.

Nullification is now getting some attention by the states. It along with a renewed interest in the 10th Amendment give us some hope in taming the Federal monster.

The second part of the book is a reprinting of “Eleven Essential Documents.” These documents give historical force to Wood’s argument. The documents also show that the founders did serious thinking about these issues in the early days of the country. These documents set forth the real meaning of nullification. Read this book and nullify.


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