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Two Down, One Coming

Posted by heyrandy on December 5, 2011

Survivors, James Wesley, Rawles, 2011

This book is a parallel account of the author’s first book, Patriots. (Read but not reviewed.) A few of the characters are the same, but the book focuses on new people living through the same post-financial collapse America. The story line is much the same: starvation, gangs of looters, plucky survivors with guns, UN troops.

Rawles (note comma in name. He says it is a common law thing.) gives us plenty of technical detail (He mentions ball ammunition as well as hollow point ammunition.) and some product reviews (When buying extra magazines for the Ruger Mini 14, always get the ones made by Ruger. The others are “jammamatics.”. Mini 14 owners take heed.). He tells us how to make homemade napalm, the importance of gun cleaning, and that tires will be unobtainable in the collapse. He even gives some investment advice: “We should have bought more magazines and ammunition rather than silver.” Some of his technical details are not quite accurate. He thinks a jig will hold the metal pieces in alignment after the welding is done. Without proper stress relieving weldments relieve themselves. Any weldment that has been machined without first being stress relieved will be a piece with misaligned surfaces. Jigs are merely to hold the pieces together while welding. I know an engineer who found this out.

The author is a former Army captain who cannot get it out of his system. His politics are overtly libertarian, but we are given an obvious pro-interventionist scene where a man says “Thanks for your service” to one of the main characters who was badly wounded in Iraq. This is in the same book that suggests no government is best, but a constitutional republic is okay. The author does not seem to notice that unconstitutional wars by a no-longer-constitutional republic contradicts this. The author tries to have it both ways.

If you are a fan of the author’s first book, you will like this one. If the book does not sound interesting, do not despair. The author is working on a third.


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