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You Are Guilty

Posted by heyrandy on July 10, 2013

Three Felonies a Day, Harvey Silvergate.

If they want you, they will find the crime to fit. This is the thesis of Silvergate’s book. He gives many examples of how this is so. There is almost no one the federal prosecutors cannot indict and convict.

The reason it is so easy to indict people is the vast number of federal laws and the ambiguity with which they are written. There is also the problem of how prosecutors stretch the laws well beyond their original intent to make the law useful in getting someone.

Silvergate reveals all the tricks used by prosecutors. Squeeze the low-level people, even if there is no crime, so they incriminate a higher-up. Then repeat the process with the higher-up until you get your man. It is called ladder climbing. Prosecutors pile on phony charges such as mail fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy. The prosecutor can then offer to drop these charges in exchange for a plea deal. Justice doesn’t matter, convictions do. It is about numbers. You can’t quantify justice, but convictions add up nicely.

The courts go along with this horror. Prosecutors routinely ask the courts to freeze the defendants funds, claiming the money is part of the crime. This makes it difficult for the victim to get good legal counsel. It also make it easier to get a conviction.

It is a case of us all being criminals.We just have not yet been convicted. While you wait your turn you can read Silvergate’s book and count the felonies you have committed.


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