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Land of Hope and Thorns

Posted by heyrandy on August 5, 2017

Land of PromiseJames Wesley Rawles, 2015 Kindle Edition.

The world now has what it fears or needs, depending upon your presuppositions. An Islamic Caliphate has been established. Don’t worry, we have hope in a libertarian/Christian country established in the middle of a desert. The land is ceded by the countries of Sudan and Kenya.

Rawles has stated that he is finished with the previous series and has started a new series concerning the nation of Ilemi. The plot is the same as Rawles’ earlier novels: the crash has occurred, but there is a plucky band of… (readers of my reviews of Rawles’s other novels will be able to fill in the rest.) While there is the usual technical details about guns (guns, guys, guns!), the real issue raised is how does one start a country? The most recent attempt to do so without violence has been the Republic of Minerva. Bad location. But is the new location in the African desert any better?

The major presupposition of the novel is that such a thing can occur. Can land be acquired from countries without using guns or funds? What country gives away land? It is unusual, but not impossible. If we can have a Caliphate, why not? The Berlin wall did fall.

Rawles has asked the readers of his blog (www.survivalblog.com) for help in drafting the new republic’s constitution. Give him some ideas. We have a lot of experience with one that did not work. While you are there, thank him for the technical information on the US-built 4.2-inch mortar. Apparently the Israelis have a lot of these that they will sell on the cheap. Just the thing to practice with until he finishes the sequel.




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