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Bull’s Eye

Posted by heyrandy on March 9, 2013

More Guns, Less Crime, John Lott, 1998

Gun restriction legislation, aka gun control, is always a topic of discussion. It becomes a passionately discussed topic when there is a mass shooting. What are we to think about the prevalence of guns? Are fewer guns in the hands of ordinary people something that will make us safer?

Lott has the answer. As the title suggests, gun restrictions are not the answer. Lott has the statistics to support the book’s title. He also has the strident critics to prove science doesn’t matter.

Lott’s thesis is that the carrying of guns, especially concealed handguns, are a great deterrent to crime. The presence of guns makes criminals look for easier victims. When a criminal is faced with the unknown, does this person carry a gun, the criminal often chooses another victim, often another type of crime.

The book is full of statistics Lott gathered for a scholarly paper he wrote. The paper is the basis of this book.  The numbers are necessary to support the book’s conclusion. What is interesting about the numbers is the reaction of Lott’s critics. The original study was vociferously criticized by  many who had not read it. Yes, facts don’t matter to gun control advocates, even if they are university professors.

While the numbers are important, they make the reading a little dull. I do not have the statistical training to re-crunch Lott’s numbers, so I spent my time looking at his conclusions.

What was that conclusion? The title says it all. Buy a gun.


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