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Posted by heyrandy on August 13, 2012

Uncommon Dissent Intellectuals Who Find Darwinism Unconvincing, William Dembski, ed., 2004

This is an amazing collection of essays. It is an academically fired shot at the most sacred doctrine of the West’s secular religion. To criticize Darwinism is heresy. These authors are genuine heretics. They have looked at Emperor Darwin and seen that he is ugly when naked.

Not long ago it would have been impossible to get a serious, intellectually based critique of evolution. The only people who criticized evolution were “them,” the creationists. They were dismissed as kooks. Creation was (and still is) dismissed as not being science. The evolutionists appeared to have won the battle. Wasn’t the decisive shot fired in the Scopes trial? Had not the Genesis account been discredited? Had not evolution been vindicated? Not quite.

The evangelical wing of Christianity has emerged from its self-imposed isolation. It is on the attack. The evolutionist’s free ride is over. There is mounting dissatisfaction with evolutionary theory. Advances in every field of science are raising doubts. There are cracks in the façade. Dembski’s book is evidence of this.

The essays in the book address evolution from a variety of perspectives. Some of the writers are creationists but some are secular. This variety of perspectives gives the book a broad face with which to address evolution’s weaknesses.

Perhaps the best thing the essays do is establish the religious nature of evolution. By exposing the rhetoric that conceals the lack of physical evidence and by pointing out the things that evolutionary theory did not predict and cannot explain, the authors bring real criticism to bear on this holy theory.

Nancy Pearcey’s essay, “Darwin meets the Berenstain Bears: Evolution as a Total Worldview,” address the matter of evolution’s becoming a universal explanation. Evolutionists are Darwinizing everything. What ever humans do, it is because of evolution. We are no longer free agents. We are merely products of natural selection. Ethics is no more. Given the premises of evolution, how can one disagree? If there is only naturalism we are not guided by anything but naturalism. The evolutionists, except for those who advocate this theory, disagree. They have no case. The logic is against them. They protest; they command; but the tide rolls in. They must retreat or drown.

My favorite essay is the one that inspired the book. David Berlinski’s June 1996 essay in Commentary, “The Deniable Darwin.” is reprinted in the book along with some of the letters the essay generated. The letters are quite revealing. Berlinski responds to the letters, showing the evolutionary establishment does not tolerate heretics.

I recommend the book for all who think that evolution is a settled matter. Dembski says best: “In commending this book to the reader, I wish to leave the Darwinists with this closing thought: You have had it way too easy until now. It is no longer credible to conflate informed criticism of Darwinism with ignorance, stupidity, insanity, wickedness, or brainwashing.” (p. xxxvii, italics in original). The battle is joined.


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