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Misplaced Tessera

Posted by heyrandy on August 8, 2012

Mary’s Mosaic, Peter Janney, 2011

The only thing certain is that Mary Meyer was murdered on October 12, 1964. The rest is a mass of confusion involving the power élite of Washington, D.C. One of those elite was the author’s father.

The author’s thesis is that Mary Meyer was killed to silence her. She was about to tell the world that the CIA killed President Kennedy and then engaged in a huge cover-up to hide its involvement. She has put all the tiles in place and so knew the truth the mosaic told.

Mary Meyer was the wife of Cord Meyer, a senior CIA official. Unlike other CIA wives, Mary hated the CIA. She thought that it was an impediment to world peace. Mary was very vocal about it. This animosity towards the agency and especially its director, Allen Dulles, cost her her marriage. The author thinks it cost her her life.

The author claims that Mary had put all the pieces together and concluded that the Agency murdered Kennedy to protect itself from Kennedy’s anger about the Bay of Pigs failure. Kennedy was rumored to want the agency disbanded. He was to do it after he was re-elected.

The author gives us a lot of information about the players in this mystery. Included are Philip and Katherine Graham, owners and publishers of the Washington Post;
Ben Bradlee, managing editor of the Post and husband of Tony Pinchot, Mary’s sister; Cord Meyer; Wistar Janney, the author’s father; and some JFK assassination researchers.

The real  problem with the book is that it relies upon unsupported statements. One of the witness at the trial of Ray Crump, the man charged with and acquitted of Mary’s murder was a mysterious William Mitchell.  Mitchell said that he was a Lieutenant in the Army stationed at the Pentagon. Janney checked the 1964 Pentagon telephone directory and found a William Mitchell listed. The 1965 edition did not list him. Mitchell also said that he was a mathematics instructor at Georgetown University. The University said they had never heard of him. But Janney says that while he was talking to an assassination researcher, Leo Damore, Damore said that he used to live in Mitchell’s apartment building and knew Mitchell. Mitchell left no forwarding address, but Damore would try to find him. Janney says that Damore wrote a letter to Mitchell’s last address asking Mitchell to call. Janney never saw the letter, but it must have persuaded Mitchell to call because Damore says Mitchell did.

This is not believable. If Mitchell was a CIA assassin why would he answer the letter? It had been 30 years since the killing. How did the letter get to Mitchell? But the real stunner is that Mitchell confessed to being the killer! Over the phone to a stranger. Why? Why is this considered evidence?

There is no real evidence that Mary had completed her mosaic. Even if she did, so what? Who would believe her? She would have been ignored, or she would have been laughed at and dismissed as just a conspiracy nut. This is usually how such things handled. It is a safe and effective method of dealing with the problem.

One of the things that come through in the book is the Ivy-League elitism. All of these people were the “right sort.” They all went to the right schools. They came from the right families. They were educated, polished, promiscuous. They could not keep their pants on. Mary was JFK’s paramour (his favorite, according to the author). In this role Mary learn many secrets via pillow talk. All the players were all corrupt, self-centered, and vain. There was nothing to like about any of them.

The book’s back cover betrays the book’s flaws. The back cover show several jig saw puzzle pieces, each with a name of a person or thing written on it. Some of the pieces fit, some are loose. The loose one don’t fit.

If you want a few insights into the machinations of the power-elite whoring, read the book. Otherwise go to the art museum. They have real mosaics.


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