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Lee Was Here Too

Posted by heyrandy on April 19, 2012

Dr. Mary’s Monkey, Edward Haslam,  2007

There is no rest for the dead. Lee Harvey Oswald was a busy guy. Marine, defector, assassin, and now lab technician. The author thinks that in the convoluted world of the CIA Lee played a large role. When he was no longer useful, the Agency set him up to take the blame for JFK’s murder.

Dr. Mary is Mary Sherman, MD. She died of multiple stab wounds. Her body was found in her apartment, badly burned. One arm and part of her rib cage were burned away, completely missing. The fire caused little damage to the apartment. The investigation by the New Orléans Police was shut down the investigation. The crime remains unsolved.

According to Haslam, Sherman and a twice-failed Catholic seminarian, David Ferrie, were running an underground laboratory to develop a cancer-causing virus the CIA would use to kill Castro. Sherman using a liner particle accelerator at the Public Health Service Hospital in New Orléans to modify viruses. An accident badly injured Sherman. In a panic to keep the project secret, the others involved in the project took Sherman to her apartment, stabbed repeatedly, and then set her on fire. The author points out that fire in the apartment could not have burned Sherman so badly.

The author has a point about the fire and the injuries. But what about Oswald? Haslam cites Judy Vary Baker. Baker, author of Me and Lee, claims participation in all this except the death of Sherman. She says she thought she was working on a cancer cure and quit when she found out that she was working on a weapon.

What the book really tells us is that the Warren Commission did a poor job. This is not a surprise. It is common for more details of the assassination to come out. The book gives some points to consider. It is not impossible that the CIA was trying to develop a cancer weapon. The Lone Nut Theory satisfies no one.

There are other points where the book is helpful. It retells the problems with the early polio vaccine. It gives a glimpse of how the cold war was waged and a look at the bizarre world of international espionage. If side-lights of the Kennedy assassination interest you, read the book.


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