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Stealth Wealth

Posted by heyrandy on February 21, 2012

The Stealth of Nations, Robert Neuwirth, 2011

The free-market works. This is the author’s observation. I am not surprised. The author travels about the world to find the obvious. People when left alone will find a way to make a buck, even if that buck is a rial. I found the book predictable, but I am a free-market advocate.

All I found interesting in the book is the use of the phrase System D. It is a corruption of a French word use to describe an innovator. System D is everywhere. System D pays no taxes. System D is unregulated, unlicensed and uncontrolled. Indeed it is not capable of being regulated, licensed or controlled. If the governments were to try, they would find the task impossible. System D is the black-market, the grey-market, the informal-economy and the underground-economy. Bureaucrats have been at war with it since forever. The bureaucrats are using hammers to fight ants. Too many ants. Besides, the bureaucrats use System D. The prices are too good not to.

System D gets the job done. We all use it. The kids washing cars to raise money for the cause. The man who fixed the leak. The woman who traded you the cookies for the dress. The system is everywhere, does everything for everyone. System D satisfies customers.

System D is a bottom-up approach to the economy. Consumer demand drives System D. No government has been able to plan a successful economy. System D does not plan. It just does. When government plans bring disaster, budgets are increased because the next time the program will be successful since it will be adequately funded. When a System D vendor plans poorly, he goes broke.

You can read the book, but you will get a better understanding if you buy from some street-corner vendor. You will know more that the author if you become a street-corner vendor. Long live System D. Wait! It already has.


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