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Sales Lines

Posted by heyrandy on December 6, 2011

There are words and phrases that help sell ideas. Most of these words and phrases are emotional. They load the issue with feelings. I have collected them. Here are some with definitions and discussion.

Clean. Clean things are good. This means dirty things are bad. We have clean-burning natural gas. We also have coal. Coal is not clean.

Family. We hear of “family farms.” A local politician sent around a survey that used “family liquor stores.” That was a new one. “Family values” is trite.

Fight terrorism. Phrase used to justify repressive measures. It is now the case the those fighting terrorism are becoming the real terrorists.

Protect the children. You can’t keep the little one too safe.

Strong schools. An euphemism for more money.

Reform. Usually just talk but sometimes there are superficial changes.

Transparency. A repainting in a new color.

Accountability. The matter caused great bad publicity, so some small fry got fired. Reform usually follows along with promises of transparency.

Fight/get tough on crime. Small-time crooks go to jail. The politically connected thief who stole billions keeps most of the money.

Clean up corruption. My guys get the graft, not yours.

Will/man of the people. He is in someone’s pocket.

Terrorist. Any one the government wants to kill.

Supporter of terrorism. Usually a head of state that has fallen out of favor with our government.

Rogue state. They won’t do what we want.

Regime change. What happens to a rogue state that does not have nukes.

Nukes. Things rogue states use to prevent regime change.

Allies. Countries that go along with us because they will get a share of the loot.

Standards. Important things that are not important.

Good government. Ordinary government with transparency.

Social justice. When government, good or otherwise, takes from those who own and give most of it those who don’t.

Fair share. Class envy; you pay for what I want.

Soak the rich. Tilting at windmills.

Switzerland. A small, land-locked, anomalous country in Europe that is neither ally nor a rogue state.

Good education. Paper certification.

Israel. Majority shareholder of the United States Congress.

TSA. Successor to the Keystone Cops but not as funny.

There are many more. I will leave it to you to add your favorites in the comments.

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