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Seeing the Shadows in the Mirrors

Posted by heyrandy on November 23, 2011

Shadow Masters, Daniel Estulin, 2010

Estulin, author of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, has given us a new book along the same lines. This time he focuses not on the Bilderberg meetings but on what he thinks comes out of and is related to the meetings.

The author goes to great effort to sort through the information. Much of what is openly published is false. Some of it is so obviously false that one has to wonder how it got past the editor. This is not a small problem Estulin has worked through hundreds of reports from government agencies, UN agencies, and news reports. In this mountain of nonsense there is an occasional nugget.

This is the real value of the book. It exposes the complicity and incompetence of the accepted media. No one is doing the real hard work of digging past the easy to quote official report. Worse, Estulin shows that the media are often merely quoting each other, something he believe betrays a systemic misinformation effort.

Estulin’s thesis is that nothing is as it seems. He quotes one American diplomat as saying that it is all “a wilderness of mirrors.” Nothing is certain, nothing makes sense, but it is all there. The case of the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko is an example. Litvinenko was poisoned in London, England. This is not all that odd, but the poison used makes this case one for the wilderness of mirrors. Just where does one get polonium 210? I checked in the nuclear material section at Home Depot, but they were out. Why such an exotic material? Why such a slow acting one? This case screams “Weird!” This is not what you want in a political assassination.  You want quick and quiet. This way investigators do not get suspicious. Litvinenko lived long enough to blame almost everyone. This was not a quiet killing.

The book’s sub-title indicates that the author reveals how “governments and their intelligence agencies are working with international drug dealers and terrorists for their mutual benefit.” Estulin does not quite prove this. He does prove that there is a lot of duplicity in government dealings. Estulin spends a lot of time on how the US government used Victor Bout, a Russian ne’er-do-well whom the US government later tried to demonize, for logistical operations in Iraq. Unlike others who have written about Bout, Estulin actually traveled to Thailand to interview Bout at the prison where Bout is held while he fights the US government’s extradition effort. Bout is wanted for allegedly conspiring to sell anti-aircraft missiles to undercover Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents posing as Colombian terrorists. This is legal in Thailand because the agents were not really terrorists or even Colombians. They were US citizens. Estulin wants to know why DEA agents were doing the buying. He also wants to know why the DEA did not give the $20,000 to Bout when Bout asked for it as advance on the missiles. This would have been valuable evidence for the prosecution. The third thing Estulin wants to know is why the US authorities did not check Thai law before launching this sting operation. I would like to know too.

I found the book a bit disorganized. I can overlook this because the author is careful to provide reference notes at the end of each chapter. There is also an index. There are 107 pages of photographs (mostly of Bilderberg attendees) and reproduced documents at the end of the book. This will be a valuable resource for future research. Future research is needed. The book does not give all the answers, but it does make us aware of the wilderness and just how uncertain everything is when it is a forest of mirrors.


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