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Posted by heyrandy on January 12, 2011

Trillion Dollar Conspiracy How the New World Order, Man-made Diseases, and Zombie Banks are Destroying America, Jim Marrs, WilliamMorrow, 2010.

In this wide-ranging book, the author attempts to reveal the inner workings of secret organizations that are the favorite subjects of conspiracy researchers. I did not find much new in this book. Marrs simply restates much of the material that is already well-known by his colleagues.

The book is organized into four sections: Zombie Nation, How to Create Zombies, How to Control Zombies, and How to Free Zombies. Marrs likes the word zombie. He also likes the words globalist and elitist and all the names of the usual suspects. Marrs’ freshest material is his treatment of the banker bailout. There is nothing new here to anyone that has followed the sorry story, but Marrs does make the point that the bailout was not an anomaly; it was merely a more publicly opposed business-as-usual political give away.

Marrs’ writing is alright, but his English is poor. He frequently uses forego instead of forgo, it begs the question instead of it raises the question, and there are many misplaced modifiers. He thanks the editors in his introduction, but the numerous language errors begs raises the question of editorial effectiveness.

Marrs completes his text by listing “Thirty-six Remedies for a Broken Society.” The first one is audit the Federal Reserve. I have no objection to this, but Marrs seems to be unaware that the Federal Reserved is audit annually. The public in not allowed to obtain copies of the audit. Marrs means a public audit. This would be a very good idea. But Marrs wants not just to audit the Federal Reserve; he wants to abolish it. But he does not say that. He says the Congress should have the power to print and spend all the money. Marrs is only opposed to the privately owned Federal Reserve Banks doing the money creation. “The printing of the dollar should be aproved through Congress and issued through the U.S. Treasury as U.S. Treasury notes.” pg. 368 This is called Greenbackism. It is really no different from having a private bank do the money creation. Greenbacks are still notes (debt instruments) backed by nothing. They are a fiat currency. It does no good to replace one fiat currency with another.

Marrs further demonstrates his ignorance by saying that these notes “should be distributed gradually so as not to significantly inflate [sic he means debase through inflation] the worth of the currency in circulation.” pg.368 How can printing more paper fiat notes do anything but debase the currency? What is gradually? When does inflation become significant? Marrs does not say. Marrs does not mention the recent catastrophic inflation in Zimbawe. This disaster was caused by a government own central bank printing massive amounts of fiat currency. Would it have helped if the government had more slowly spent the money? Does Marrs trust the U.S. congress to exercise prudence and restraint in the very easy task of printing more money?

In this same “remedy,” Marrs confuses fractional reserve banking with U.S. government debt. This, he says, “has been created by sleight of hand; it can be abolished by sleight-of-hand.” How?

The incompetence evident in the first “remedy” did not motivate me to give much attention to the rest. Most are platitudes: e.g., #9: “The Pledge of Allegiance should be said every day at school and every day in Congress to remind both young and old of the basic tenets of U.S. sovereign freedom and democracy.” pg. 369 Hey! The House of Representatives just read most of the Constitution. Do you feel the improvement?

The book has forty-two pages of sources and an index but not a single footnote. This omission makes the book less useful to researchers seeking to expand on Marrs’ work. It also makes it difficult for readers to check his facts.

If you are new to the matters discussed you may find Marrs’ work of value. If you are looking for new information and penetrating analysis you will find the Trillion Dollar Conspiracy too expensive.


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