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A Summary Outline of Galatians

Posted by heyrandy on May 8, 2010

Ch. 1:1-5 Greeting

1:6-9 Paul’s wonder at the Galatians’ apostacy

1:10-2:10 Paul vindicates his credentials

2:11-21 Paul’s confrontation with Peter

3:1-5 Rhetorical questions about their initial gospel reception

3:6-9 Abraham’s faith and ours

3:10-14 The curse the law brings. The redemption from the curse of the law through Christ. The blessing of Abraham comes to the Gentiles.

3:15-18 The Mosaic law cannot change the covenant or its promise.

3:23-29 The law was to lead us to Christ. Now that Christ has come, we do no need to be lead. We in Christ are heirs of the covenant promise.

4:12-20 The transition from slave to son.

4:8-11 The is called weak and worthless. It is enslavement; why go back?

4:21-31 Allegory of Sarah and Hagar

5:1 Exhortation to stand firm in the freedom of Christ

5:2-12 The uselessness of and contrariness to the gospel of circumcision.

5:13-15 Beginning of the application of doctrinal part of the letter. Use freedom in Christ to love one another

5:16-26 Works of the flesh contrasted with fruit of the Spirit

6:1-5 Restoring the sinning

6:6-10 Do good to those who teach

6:11-16 Boast on in the flesh but in the cross of Christ

6:17 Let no one any longer cause Paul trouble

6:18 Concluding blessing


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