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Deputies for Dollars

Posted by heyrandy on April 24, 2010

The local sheriff’s department has had its deputies out setting up check points on our expressway’s on ramps. I have so far seen three checkpoints, each having five or six marked sheriff’s car present. These checkpoints are not set up to catch evil doers. The checkpoints are set up to raise funds for the county.

Governments are all levels are searching for new ways to get money to spend. All government agencies are being pressed into service. What better way to protect the public than to issue to them a bunch of nuisance citations? Isn’t this what law enforcement is for?

The system works like this. Once you are on the entrance ramp, you can’t turn around. There is no going back. The cops then slow you down to check if your car inspection sticker is expired. Wow! I feel safer already. What a relief to know that the cops have done such a fine job of stopping crime that they can now spend their time going after the really hard-core traffic offenders!

This really raises the question of why we need the cops. Can’t we do this a lot cheaper by hiring private thugs checkers? How hard can this job be? Why all the cost of police cars with radios, special costumes, guns, and training? Any high school dropout can do this job. So could most high school graduates.

I think that the county would be better off just firing the deputies and hiring a bunch of semi-literate dope heads to do the job. The jail is full of them, so we can get them pretty cheaply. Take the petty criminals off of highway cleanup duty and put them to work making money. After they issued enough valid citations, they would be released from jail to go back to their community to help with the underground economy. The more successful ones could hire some of those ex-cops as private security guards. That is a real incentive!


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