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Guns Are for Girls too

Posted by heyrandy on December 23, 2009

Armed and Female, Paxton Quigley, 1989, 237 pgs.

A girl’s got to look out for herself. According to Quigley, the best way to do that is through gun sights. The author, a former gun control advocate turned gun owner, makes a blunt case: women are smaller and weaker than men, and the only way women can protect themselves is by possessing and using handguns. She is not subtle, shy, or coy.

Quigley makes her case by an appeal to the crime statistics. The numbers, all from the 1980’s and therefore dated, are grim. Women are victims because they are easier prey. This will  not change. The stories that give life to the numbers are horrible reminders of this reality.The numbers have not gotten any better through the years.

While the crime data cited in her book are out of date, the advice on gun selection and training are still solid. She surveys the most popular models and calibers, evaluating their usefulness as self-defense weapons. She gives good advice on what size gun will best fit a woman’s smaller hand; how much recoil each model will produce; and, best of all, the intimidation factor: Just how dangerous does that thing look when you are staring up the barrel?

Quigley also deals with shooting techniques, safety, and children and guns. I found the book a good place to start when getting information on handguns.

Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. But don’t worry, they will get there in time to draw the chalk outline of the body. The body won’t be Quigley’s.


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