Hey! Randy

Full Fraud Schools

Posted by heyrandy on October 17, 2009

Most of us think that the colleges we attended and in some cases from which we graduated are scrupulous in their grading and academic standards. Walter Williams has just published a revealing article about academic dishonesty. He names the names, the big names.

This is the quiet scandal. It is not just the students that are doing the cheating. It is the schools themselves that are lying. I have known that the academic system is largely corrupt. Until reading Williams I thought the putrefaction was confined to the politically correct forces that now dominate the remains of higher (sic) education, but Williams reveals that the problem is system wide.

Read it http://economics.gmu.edu/wew/articles/09/AcademicDishonesty.htm.

No, you don’t get academic credit for this reading, but you will be rewarded for knowledge.


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