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I Do Not Work for the Government

Posted by heyrandy on October 3, 2009

Once upon a time, the only contact that most Americans had with the Federal Government was when they used the Post Office. I hope it was a pleasant experience. Mine was not.

I needed to mail a letter, but I did not have a stamp. So I went to the Post Office to buy one. The Post Office was closed. I suspected that it might be, but I knew that main office has an after hours self-serve facility. Since I only need a stamp, I thought that this would be an easy operation. I was wrong.

I got into the building without any trouble. The counters were closed, but the self-serve machines were available. In fact several people were using them. I waited. The people using the machines seem a little unsure about how they worked. It was taking some time to get my stamp. I waited some more.

As I waited I saw that the machines had a sign on them that said that they took only credit and debit cards. I looked for a place to put in money. I found none. I left without my stamp.I was not going to put the purchase of a single stamp on my credit card.

I do not think that there is a postal function much simpler than buying a stamp. How could it be so difficult? Is not the idea of a self-serve system to be easy to use? Is buying a single stamp not understood by the postal authorities?

I can not believe that a private system would be this silly and difficult to use. That is because I do not work for the government.


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