Hey! Randy

The Opaque Knight

Posted by heyrandy on September 11, 2009

Tuesday my wife and I watched the Dark Night. This is a movie about Batman. It stars Batman and a lot of people who are not. This is also a movie about what is wrong with movies.

The basic plot consists of the impossible being done by the ridiculous. The action of the film involves lots of shootings, car crashes, explosions and bad acting.

This movie is so bad that it makes the television series 24 look like a graduate school seminar in philosophy.

My objections to the movie are not because I do not like action films; but because this action film, like all other action films, gives action films a bad name.

The ending of the movie is the best part, but it comes too late in the film; it should come just after the opening credits.

Maybe they will fix this in the sequel.


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