Hey! Randy

Get in Line, Again

Posted by heyrandy on November 7, 2008

It is time to answer that all important question:  What will I do when I get my free government money?  Ok, it really isn’t free, and it really does not come from the government.  You pay for it in your taxes.  In fact, if the tax forms were honest, there would be a line indicating how much you had to contribute to fund everyone’s free money.  But tax forms are not honest; the politicians keep it that way, because if the forms were honest, you would be angry.  And the politicians might be unemployed.

The other day at work I told this story:  A man is handing out dollars.  You ask the man if you can have one, and he says, “Sure, just get in line.”  You do, and shortly you are handed a dollar.  You say, “Thanks.”  Now what do you do?  Put in you pocket and spend it later?

If you are a giant, mismanaged corporation with serious political connections what you do once you get that free money is get in line again.


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