Hey! Randy

Some Things That Are True

Posted by heyrandy on March 6, 2008

These are some sayings that I use at work to try to get across the point.  Even with this wit it is still a struggle.

1. Never confuse the word “should”with the word “do”.

2. It is not here until it is my dirty, calloused hands.

3. Think, plan, do is the only correct order.

4. It is cheap until you run out.

5. By the time you know you need it, it is already too late.

6. Never confuse methods, results, and excuses.

7. You can’t win unless you play good defense, but you can still lose if you do.

8.  No one complains if it doesn’t break.

9. Ignorance is fixable.

10. Learn from others: teach yourself.


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